Entertainment Earth – New Marvel, Transformers, Star Wars, My Little Pony & More

Hasbro Marvel Legends 6 inch - Venom Wave 1 Monster Venom


Entertainment Earth sent along word they have opened some new pre-orders and listings of many upcoming Hasbro products. This includes new Marvel Legends and other Marvel products, Transformers, Star Wars, My Little Pony, Nerf and more. All of the new items can be found HERE.


We’ve got a new TIE Fighter based on Solo;  new animatronic Chewbacca, a  Vintage Collection wave 2.  In particular, check out: Han Solo, Death Trooper, Enfys Nest, and the Imperial Hovertank Pilot.   Images soon!


Venom (the movie) is coming, but the toys are inspired by the comics.  Marvel Legends have been up for a while, but we have Deadpool too!  Now you’ve got access to masks, katanas, and other toys.


Fans have been going nuts for the My Little Pony Fan Series Starlight Glimmer and Trixie Lulamoon Action Figure, which is in stock right now.  We also have new dolls, multipacks, and playsets.


New Connect 4, Pie Face, and Fantastic Gynmastics games join Blindfolded Twister, Awkward Hugs, Don’t Lose Your Cool, and Chow Crown.


New Nerf blasters and ammo are up for grabs today, including some clear items.


Cyberverse toys went up a few days ago.  These are the next big cartoon on Cartoon Network, mixing G1 characters with new play features.  Early reaction is they’re good toys.    Scout, Warrior, Ultimate, and Ultra. Warrior Class is basically the same as Deluxe in Generations – except this time they have play features.

We also have Baby Alive, Beyblade, Trolls, Disney Princess, Play-Doh, Lock Stars, FurReal, and more!