Hasbro San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Chewbacca And Porgs Figures Review


This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro offered something special for Star Wars fan of each line, including The Black Series Han Solo and Mynock, and The Vintage Collection Doctor Aphra 3.75″ Set. There is even a Star Wars The Black Series Centerpiece Rey (Starkiller Base) and Kylo Ren figure exclusive set that we will be reviewing shortly. This was a special year for Star Wars fans that collects the exclusives, as each one of these is worth owning if you collect each one of these lines.

For Star Wars Force of Destiny, Hasbro is offering a Chewbacca and Porgs set based on the animated series that airs on Disney’s Youtube channel. Star Wars Forces of Destiny is set across many different eras of the Star Wars franchise, bringing together many characters that have never been seen together before. This box set includes an 11″ Chewbacca figure, two Porgs, a Porglet nest with two baby Porg figures and two accessories.

(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available at Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)

Journeying to the sacred island of AHCH-TO, CHEWBACCA meets the PORGS, a curious avian species found throughout the secluded island. This detailed CHEWBACCA figure is lavishly furry and makes true-to-entertainment sounds when activated, while the PORG figures feature soft flocking that makes them a delight to hold and feel. The package carefully recreates the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, making it perfect for display, and is sure to delight collectors and fans alike. Includes 11-inch CHEWBACCA figure, two PORG figures, PORGLET nest with two baby PORG figures, and two accessories. Requires 3 A76 alkaline batteries, included. The STAR WARS FORCES OF DESTINY CHEWBACCA AND PORGS will be for sale at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Limited quantities of this item will be available at select conventions and select online retailers after the convention in the relevant market (including where available). Good while supplies last.

Thank you to Hasbro for providing their San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Chewbacca And Porgs Figures for review. 

Availability: San Diego Comic-Con – July 2018



The Star Wars Forces of Destiny set is packaged in a cover that slides up or down, and reveals the Millennium Falcon cockpit diorama with the figures in front of it. The packaging opens at the bottom, and the Millennium Falcon diorama slides out with the figures. There is no need to damage the packaging to get the figures out, as this is easy to remove despite its appearance.


Chewbacca stands at 11 1/2″ tall and is loaded with rooted hair covering most of his body, with the exception of his face, hands and feet. The hair has multiple shades of brown, including dark and light. Most of the hair is loose and fluffy to the touch, with the exception of the top of the head that is glued downed rough feeling. The battery compartment is hidden on the top part of his back, and is easy accessed by lifting the fur and velcro. The figure features sound effects that sounds like Chewbacca, including roars and Wookie language.

His head sculpt is nice detailed and the face is made of plastic, with a very detailed mouth with sharp teeth, eyes and a nose. The skin has a rough feeling to it with detailed lines to look like a rough skin pattern. His hands and feet are made of plastic, and there is fur sculpted on the top parts, with the rest of the sculpt being smooth. Chewbacca includes his bandolier that is painted in brown and silver, as well as his crossbow. The bandolier tends to fall off easily, but does look good when its on him.

The set also includes two Porgs, a Porglet nest with two baby Porg figures. The Porgs has a smooth and fluffy sculpt and stands at 2″ tall. Each Porg is sculpted and painted slightly differently, with the wings sculpted down on one, and up on the other. The deco on the Porg with the wings that are down has brown deco on his head, while the other one does not have this, and both have grey and white deco, with orange feet and black nails. The Orgs plastic eyes that are black, with a white toy on top of them, and brown lines around them. The only articulation on these is that their feet can swivel.

The two baby Porgs come in a next made of plastic, that includes sculpted detail. The Porgs include rooted hair, and the faces are made of plastic, with one eyes open, and the other one has closed eyes and an orange mouth. The baby Porgs are sculpted to the nest and cannot be removed.

This box set is exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con and HasbroToyShop in August. We would like to thank Hasbro once again for providing this set for review.

Overall, the San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Chewbacca And Porgs Figures look great, and fit in nicely with the rest of the line. The sounds effects on Chewbacca are a personal favorite touch of ours.

Purchase: – August 13th?