DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn Expressions Pack Review


DC Collectibles is now offering their Harley Quinn Expressions Pack that is similar to their previously Batman and The Joker Expressions Pack. This set features some brand new accessories that are inspired from various episodes that she had appeared in. Some of these are quite memorable especially the Hyena’s, the giant fish head costume, rocket launcher jester staff and especially all of the various facial expressions that she had.

During San Diego Comic-Con, DC Collectibles announced more new Batman animated inspired figures, which fans are truly greatful for as their action figure offerings have been few and far between this year. While not too many were announced, as they are more focused on vinyl figures and statues, some great releases are coming, which you can get caught up and take a look HERE.

Thank you to DC Collectibles for providing their Harley Quinn Expressions Pack for review. 

Availability: August 2018


This Expressions Pack figure uses the previously offered Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn figure sculpt, and she includes new accessories based on the series that is unique for this special release. This particular figure sculpt has been around for several years now, so you should know what to expect as far as that. This set is meant to enhance your collection and display with an array of accessories not previously offered, including new facial expressions, as opposed to a straight reissue of the figure.



The eight facial expressions are part of what is special about this offering, which includes seven never before offered facial expressions (the one where she is smiling has been previously offered on each of the earlier releases), as well as her head sculpt with the blonde hair. These facial expressions are designed for a unique pose or to hold a specific accessory, such as the head sculpt that is best suited for the rocket launcher. The unpainted blonde head sculpt is the one that best stands out, which gives you a look at what’s underneath the clown paint and jester hat.



For the most part, Harley Quinn cannot hold an accessory such as this without the use of her acrylic figure stand and base, and this release comes with a much larger one than previously offered with the single figure releases. The rocket launcher fits best in her left hand, so that this particular head sculpt as shown above can look through the lens and open figure. The rocket launcher can hold this boxing glove, which plugs right in and out.



The pistol can also hold the boxing glove, and is also compatible to hold the smoke effect, and a bottle. The pistol can be held in either of the hand sculpts that can grip onto accessories. A jester staff is also included which includes a clown head, jester hat and neck piece, with a handle for her to grab onto.



The fish head costume is placed over the body after the head is removed, and plugs into the peg just like any other head sculpt. The fish head covers half of the sculpt, and is made of a soft vinyl. The head has Harley Quinn’s eyes looking through the top of the mouth as shown, and is nicely sculpted and includes giant yellow eyes and red lips.



The hyena’s are repainted from their previous offering, and this time they are a lighter brown.and share the same great sculpting and articulation. They include the black spots, red collars, and have articulation in their heads, hips and tails. The two head sculpts are unique, with one an open mouth showing his teeth, and the other one is closed.

Also included with Harley are three sets of interchangeable hand sculpts, roller skates that swap out with her feet, and a yellow belt.

eight different expressions, two hyenas, multiple pieces of weaponry, roller skates, a fish head costume and a deluxe base


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