Mattel San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive DC Multiverse Aquaman Between Two Dooms Box Set Review


This year for San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel offered a new Aquaman Between Two Dooms set that is based on his classic character designs that dates back from classic DC Comics issues from 1962. This box set includes Aquaman, and two classic DC villains of Ocean Master and Black Manta. These figures stands at 6″ tall and features 23 points of articulation. This set was exclusively sold at the show and online at Mattel Shop.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive DC Multiverse Aquaman Box Set for review. 

Availability: July 2018 – San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

The packaging for this box set is a window box with a translucent cover over it that features artwork of the figures inside and as they appeared in DC Comics. The box is protected by a cardboard cover that is mostly in blue, with additional artwork of the figures inside, including a brief bio. The figures and their accessories are held in place by a plastic tray, and behind that is an oceanic artwork that can also become a diorama, which is shown on the front and back of this part of the packaging. Like other convention packaging, nothing can become damaged while moving the figures out of the plastic tray, as its not even taped down or tied to the diorama behind it. The packaging can be easily put back together without damage, and while a few pieces of tape needs to be cut, its a minor thing and the figures can be removed and inserted back into the tray for safe storage.


The DC Multiverse Aquaman Between Two Dooms Box Set includes three figures with premium deco and are inspired by their 1962 appearances in DC Comics. This set includes Aquaman, Ocean Master and Black Manta. Ocean Master was previously offered as a Mattycollector exclusive in the DC Infinite Earth Signature Collection. Aquaman is repainted and gets a new head sculpt with superior deco and likeness, and Black Manta is also repainted, and comes with three sets of eyes that are interchangeable.


Aquaman is in his classic orange and green suit, which are painted in bright colors, black shorts and a yellow belt with a symbol as a belt buckle. The shirt has fish gills painted on to give it detail, which is nicely done and definitely some great deco is applied to this figure. The new head sculpt is pretty much spot on, with nicely done facial details and blonde hair. Aquaman includes three sets of interchangeable hand sculpts, and does not come with a staff.



Ocean Master is in his classic purple suit and cape, and the cape is made of a soft plastic. The purple shirt is a darker shade compared to the pants, which are brighter, and he has a copper belt and gauntlets. There is also a white logo on his chest. His head sculpt is masked and there is a black helmet with a copper finn on top. The mask is also copper, and the face and hands are flesh colored. Included with Ocean Master is a spear weapon and three interchangeable hand sculpts.



Black Manta is mostly in black with premium blue deco that appears as a wash over it in various parts including the chest, arms, back and legs. The head sculpt is a dome shape as seen in the comic, with tubes in the back that are also connected to the backpack. The head sculpt has three interchangeable friction-fit eyepieces including grey, yellow and red. Also included with Black Manta are three interchangeable hand sculpts, and a harpoon.

Overall, the DC Multiverse Aquaman Between Two Dooms Box Set is an excellent offering with great paint applications and character likeness. With the Aquaman movie coming later this year, the character is gaining momentum and seeing many great releases such as this box set that are inspired from various entertainment over the years. This set is surely one to pick up if you haven’t already.