Power-Con 2018 – Super7 Super Awesome Panel Coverage

Power-Con 2018 – Super7 Super Awesome Panel Coverage


Super7 is hosting their annual Super Awesome Panel at this years Power-Con 2018. This includes new products from Masters of the Universe Classics and the 5.5″ Retro Styles. Booth images can be found HERE. Hosting this years panel is the owner of Super7, Brian Flynn and his trusty sidekick Josh Herbolsheimer.

First wave of Classics were offered this year for Classics and Filmation. There has been positive support surrounding this and Super7 is very proud of the outcome.

Stridor just came out (reviewed HERE). Shipping notifications were sent out to some days after they already had them in hand. Super7’s Brian Flynn apologized for the shipping notifications.

Next MOTU wave is on the boat for both Classics and Filmation.

MOTU Retro 2 packs – vintage one’s are super rare and expensive. Super7 did the new one’s as a nod to this. These 2-packs were sold when Stridor went up for pre-order. These were sold in limited quantity. Brian Flynn apologies these weren’t made to meet demand. These are repacks, and the single version of the figures are the same thing.

Wave 4 ReAction is available now, vintage Kenner inspired figures of the 1970’s. More waves are coming.

Retro 5.5″ figures single carded – These will be available for quite sometime. These will be available in October 2018.

Hordak’s Lair at SDCC – new reveals and exclusives – This was at their San Diego store.

New MOTU Tee-Shirts.

Keshi Surprise – new MUSCLE figures.

Unboxing Toy Convention – Mexico based show. Super7 attended as guests and exhibitors of the show. Mexico fans enjoy TMNT the most, then MOTU. The exclusives were single boxed versions of the Retro 5.5″ He-Man and Skeletor figures, and ReAction figures of Skeletor and Mer-Man. The ReAction figures are based on the mini-comics in Mexico.

Power-Con 2018 Exclusives – MOTUC – Spikor, Chopper, Dee Elle and Uncle Montork, can of MUSCLES

Power-Con ReAction figures exclusives – this line is a color wave variant that core fans will love.ReAction is far less expensive and they can do these re-colors cheaper and easier.

MOTU Dungeon Rug – Shown 2 years ago at SDCC. Different type of collectible, they know not everyone want it, so it’s made to order and pre-orders are up now.

New wave of Retro figures – Teela, Man-At-Arms, Beast Man and Robot He-Man up for pre-order today. Also made to order and cost $20 each. Elder and He-Ro are also up for pre-order at $25, includes a booklet by Adam Tyler (deceased). Super7 was able to obtain his estate or artwork and other things he worked on, including the origins of Eldor and He-Ro.

Club Grayskull wave 3 – Late September pre-order – Fisto, Grizzlor, She-Ra and Mantenna

Snake Mountain is painted and sculpted, they are figuring out how to ship it to customers (especially international). By October, they plan to have more information.

ReAction figures wave 5 – more to come

Ultimates – working on this as well


Kickstarter for Snake Mountain – pre-order to make sure enough people want it – not necessarily will use Kickstarter

Ultimates – BattleCat and Cringer have been discussed

Vintage Style – several waves planned out, 1987 movie inspired figures are unclear

Snake Mountain – Will be expensive, Super7 will make it as easy as possible such as payment plans.

Vintage 5.5″ line – Filmation Castle Grayskull – Brian likes this concept, but they are no plans right now.

Fright Zone and Slime Pit – smaller than Snake Mountain – these are possible if Snake Mountain happens.

No rights for movie likeness

Snake Mountain – no tooling has been done until they do the pre-sale. Pegs in the playset to place the figures onto so they don’t fall over – Brian acknowledges pegs have been used on previous play sets. Fans at the panel said no pegs.

Follow-up to Cruse of the Three Terrors – Brian would love to do this. Talked once about it, and Mattel was ok with a follow-up. Animation is expensive and they didn’t break even from the first one. They are hoping to do it again one day. It depends if there is other plans for the brand such as a new cartoon.

Collector stands and asked about New Adventures into the line.

Castle Grayskull playset in ReAction. They are looking to make another playset following the success of the Planet of the Apes one.

MOTU Dinosaurs and Dragons – no plans today for this, but definitely a possibility – question asked by a child.

Panel Ends.

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