Chronicle Collectibles – Jurassic Park Dr. Grant 1/4″ Scale Statue


Sideshow Collectibles revealed official details and images of the upcoming Jurassic Park – Dr. Alan Grant 1/4 Scale Statue by Chronicle Collectibles. Dr. Alan Grant stands over 22.5″ tall over a themed Jurassic Park base, that features dirt and dinosaur skeletons all done in a circular design. Dr. Alan Grant is holding a flare which has a flickering effect thanks to an LED light inside.

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One of the most memorable and heart-pounding moments of the original Jurassic Park was when Dr. Alan Grant tried to distract the ferocious T-Rex with a road flare to save Lex and Tim. Sideshow and Chronicle Collectibles are delighted to announce that we’re bringing a key part of this moment to life with the first-ever Jurassic Park 1:4 scale Dr. Alan Grant Statue!

Fans can now bring home the action and excitement of Jurassic Park with this amazingly detailed collectible of one of the film’s heroes. The Dr. Alan Grant Statue perfectly captures Dr. Grant’s rugged attire and actor Sam Neill’s distinct facial features. For diehard fans of the series, he stands atop a circular, scene-specific base measuring 13″ in diameter, with a cutaway revealing dinosaur fossils buried underneath. Oh, and the best part? The flare actually lights up, featuring a flicker LED effect!

Standing at over 22.5” tall, this limited edition & officially licensed statue of Dr. Alan Grant is the first of its kind and destined to be a hallmark of your Jurassic Park collection. Relive the second time dinosaurs ruled the earth!