Fresh Monkey Fiction – Amazing Heroes Reborn 1/18th Scale Figures On Kickstarter Update


Fresh Monkey Fiction is offering their Amazing Heroes 1/18th Scale figures through Kickstarter right now, and they need your help in getting this line kicked off the ground. The Kickstarter is currently at almost $40,000 of the $150,000 needed to fund this project and get classic comic characters including the Savage Dragon into plastic form. This project has 12 days left, so timing is everything especially for stretch goals once they hit the funding mark.  This project runs through Sunday, September 23, 2018 10:13 PM EDT. Make sure to check this out and if you choose too, support these iconic comic characters and Fresh Monkey Fiction.



Los Angeles, CA. (September 1, 2018)  – Fresh Monkey Fiction launches Amazing Heroes Comic Book Heroes Action Figure Kickstarter

Amazing Heroes was born out of the idea of creating an action figure line that could combine many of our favorite indy comic book heroes into an overall line of collectibles. For over 2 years we have been working closely with legendary comic creators such as Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon), Mike Allred (Madman), Steve Rude (Nexus), Jim Starlin (Dreadstar), Mike Grell (Jon Sable), Joe Staton (E-Man), Paul Grist (Jack Staff), Bob Burden (Flaming Carrot), Vito Delsante (Stray), Dean Haspiel (Red Hook), Michael T. Gilbert (Mr. Monster), Devin Murphy (Remo Williams) and many more to bring this amazing collection to life.

Each Amazing Heroes Reborn figure measures at 1:18 scale (around 4″) with 14 points of articulation, includes extra accessories and a display stand.

These amazing heroes are now part of the Amazing Heroes: 1/18 scale Super Hero Action FiguresKickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter campaign runs for 3 more weeks until Sunday, September 23, 2018 with a funding goal of $150,000.00.

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