Ben 10 Omni-Tricked Season 1: Volume 2 DVD Review

Ben 10 Omni-Tricked Season 1: Volume 2 DVD Review


Ben Tennyson, a 10-year-old boy, discovers a magical device that can turn him into 10 different alien heroes, each with its own unique abilities. With this newfound power, Ben, Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen help others and stop evildoers – but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t cause some superpowered kid mischief once and a while.

This DVD set contains 17 episodes focusing on the second half of the first season, which includes 40 episodes, and is currently in its second season for 2018. has this set for release on September 18, 2018.

While on a seemingly endless summer vacation with his Grandpa Max and Cousin Gwen, Ben Tennyson discovers an alien watch, the Omnitrix. This amazing device gives Ben the ability to transform into any one of ten spectacular and powerful aliens! Ben, Gwen, and Max travel the country in their motor home, affectionately known as the Rust Bucket, seeing the sights, stumbling into adventures and beating down would be villans while generally having a blast!

Thank you to Cartoon Network for providing the Ben 10 Omni-Tricked Season 1: Volume 2 DVD for review. The figures are made by Playmates Toys.

Availability: September 2018

Ben 10 focuses on Ben Tennyson, and his Omnitrix that allows him to become one of ten different aliens and use their powers to save the day. The first season re-introduces the audience to the franchise, which is re-imagined from its original run in 2005-2008. In this season, Ben can only transform into the ten aliens, as in Season 2 he can also transform into the Omni-Enhanced forms as shown in the gallery below.

Each episode focuses on one or more of his Alien forms and showcases their power and what they’re able to do, such as super strength, flame, ice, the ability to enhance devices and control them and more. Each episode comes action packed and story oriented for children in mind, and fans are introduced to some recurring and new characters for this series.

The final episode in the season, Omni-Tricked, is a 4-part story, and the Omnitrix becomes unstable and Ben has to figure out a way to repair the watch and stop transforming into his Alien forms. He also becomes a new 11th Alien, Gax. To repair the watch, Ben decides to upgrade the watch, allowing his Alien forms to become Omni-Enhanced, which is first shown in the second season.

Overall, Ben 10 fans are sure to want to catch up and watch these DVDs, as well as to pick up the excellent figures that Playmates Toys is offering that features great likenesses. This set is due for release on September 18th, so make sure to pick it up and start watching.



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