BigBadToyStore – Mythic Legions: : Soul Spiller Figures Pre-Orders


BigBadToyStore have opened pre-orders of the new Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller figures by The Four Horsemen, and each figure is available to pre-order for $49.99, and the Ice Troll at $169.99. These figures are no longer to pre-order through the Horsemen themselves.

The rest of the figures in this assortment include Soul Spiller Thallyn Frostbow, Shadow Elf Ranger, Ragna Stormforger, Malynna (Evil-Lyn homage), Cowarros (Cringer/Battle Cat homage), Fury Clan Orc, and Lord Veteris.

These figures have an expected release date of Q1, 2019.

At Power-Con, we had the pleasure to interview Cornboy of the Four Horsemen, which you can check out HERE.