Eaglemoss Hero Collector Star Trek Exclusives & Debuts At New York Comic-Con 2018


Eaglemoss Hero Collector sent along a press release announcing this years Star Trek special deals and exclusives at New York Comic-Con on October 4th through the 7th.

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(New York, NY) – Soaring into Booth #1520 at this year’s New York Comic Con, Eaglemoss Hero Collector, designers, manufacturers and publishers of high-quality collectibles from across the many worlds of pop culture, once again takes to the skies with a host of officially authorized Star Trek™ exclusives, never-before-seen starships and awesome show specials.

Fans in attendance will be able to start or add to their collections at special prices – as well as purchase truly out-of-this-world gifts – beginning Thursday, October 4th, through Sunday, October 7th, at the Javits Convention Center on West 34th Street in New York City. They’ll also be among the first to get a look at some of Eaglemoss Hero Collector’s most exciting new releases.

Celebrating the tremendous success of Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery and gearing up for the launch of Season 2, Eaglemoss will offer for sale the extremely limited edition U.S.S. Glenn NCC-1030 variant from the Star Trek: Discovery Official Starships Collection. The sister ship to the U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031, the Glenn was destroyed by Captain Lorca early in the series after a disastrous test of the experimental spore drive.

Like all ships in the collection, this larger scale model is made of die-cast metal and high-quality ABS materials, then painted using reference to the actual CG models from the production team.  Strictly limited to only 500 ships worldwide, each comes with a collector’s magazine, display stand and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Two additional, newly released ships from the collection will also be available for purchase – the U.S.S. Europa NCC-1648 and one of the few Vulcan designs seen in the series so far, the Vulcan Solkar-Class Cruiser.

Eaglemoss Hero Collector’s popular Star Trek Starships XL Editions line continues to grow and fans at the event will be able to purchase the storied U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C, as seen in Star Trek: Generations and making its debut at New York Comic Con, along with the Miranda-class U.S.S. Reliant.

One of the most important ships in Star Trek history, the Kobayashi Maru, also makes its debut at Booth #1520 as a Bonus ship from the original Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection – and will be available for purchase on site at special convention pricing.

This year, Eaglemoss Hero Collector will also showcase its line of Official Star Trek Collector’s Busts. Featuring the iconic captains of Starfleet and other memorable characters from over 50 years of Star Trek TV and movie history, this new series captures them in impressive detail with highly accurate likenesses, uniforms and props. Each hand-painted polyresin bust is 4.5 to 6” tall, comes complete with a fact-filled magazine, and forms an essential addition to any Star Trek collection. On display at NYCC will be four fan favorites – Captain James T. Kirk, Science Officer Spock, Lt. Commander Worf and Lt. Commander Data – with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock available for purchase on site.

Fans and gift givers will also be able to choose from a wide variety of starship models and bridge dedication plaques on display – not to mention the Eaglemoss Hero Collector “Premier Editions,” a line of all-new authoritative hardcover visual guides that includes:

  • Star Trek Shipyards Starfleet Starships – The Encyclopedia of Starfleet Ships: 2151-2293
  • Star Trek Shipyards Starfleet Starships – The Encyclopedia of Starfleet Ships: 2151-2293 with U.S.S. Enterprise Collectible
  • Star Trek Shipyards Starfleet Starships – The Encyclopedia of Starfleet Ships: 2294 to the Future
  • Star Trek Designing Starships Volume 1: The Enterprises and Beyond
  • Star Trek Designing Starships Volume 2: Voyager and Beyond

Finally, Eaglemoss Hero Collector invites all attendees to stop by Booth #1520 every day for the chance to win one of more than ## daily “Bundles of Joy.”  Day 1 will award the Star Trek Discovery Bundle, featuring 5 ships from the Star Trek: Discovery Official Starships Collection. Day 2 will award the Battlestar Galactica Bundle, featuring all 4 ships in the collection released to date.  Day 3 spotlights the Batman Universe Busts Bundle, including 12 busts from the collection.  And on Day 4, the Star Trek Starships XL Bundle, with 5 ships from the collection, will be awarded.