McFarlane Toys & Skybound The Walking Dead NYCC 2018 Exclusive Princess Of Pittsburgh Figures Review


This year at New York Comic-Con 2018, McFarlane Toys and Skybound offered an exclusive The Walking Dead Princess Of Pittsburgh figures in color and a bloody black and white version. Princess follows the tradition of exclusive 5″ figures offered at San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con over the years, which for the most part Skybound is your only option to continue collecting this scale either as convention exclusives or through the subscription.

In issue #171 of the ongoing series, we are introduced to Juanita Sanchez, who calls herself The Princess of Pittsburgh, or just The Princess. She spent years living alone in the now abandoned city of Pittsburgh, and is quite happy to meet new people. A little kooky, a bit crazy and immediately likeable, she eagerly joins the Alexandria group and hopes to show that she’s a trustworthy and capable member of the group.

Availability: New York Comic-Con – October 2018

The Princess is part of the 5″ comic series, and is packaged in a blister card with the figure showing through the plastic bubble, and features artwork of the comic series on the back done in color. The packaging also includes comic books covers on the back that are also in color. Fans of the comic series know that the comic stripes are done in black and white, but McFarlane Toys has been offering their figures in both color and black and white to give fans the opportunity to own two different versions.



Juanita Sanchez, also known as The Princess in The Walking Dead comic book series, and she was a survivor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and came across the group of Alexandrian’s including Michonne as they were heading to The Commonwealth, Ohio. The colored version of The Princess includes her pink jacket that has a texture to it as described and shown in the comic series, black hair with purple highlights, goggles, a dirty white scarf, brown shirt, beige pants, black shoes, brown knee pads, a brown harness with a holster for her knife around her waist with a silver belt buckle, and white gloves. There is also a hint of blue clothing under the brown shirt as shown around her waist.

The black and white version also features blood splatted on her clothing, which includes the jacket, shirt and pants and this is because both McFarlane and Skybound like to make things bloody, as does fans of the comic and television series. This figure has black hair with grey highlights, a light grey jacket, dark grey shirt, tan pants, grey knee pads, dark grey shoes, a black harness with a sheath for the knife with a silver belt buckle, off white gloves and a grey skin tone.




The knife can be placed in her right hand that can also fit the machine gun. The left hand is for the machine gun, which is very hard to open and slide the handle in the hand. The machine gun is painted back for the colored version of The Princess, and dark grey for the black and white version. There is also the differences in color the ammo depending on the version as shown above.

Her articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed torso, swivel-hinged hips, swivel-hinged knees, and ball jointed ankles.

Overall, The Princess is an excellent figure with a great likeness to the comic series, superior deco and detail, and an overall welcome addition to the line. We have been very pleased with Skybound’s exclusives over the years and hope that they continue to make these in conjunction with McFarlane Toys.