Playmates Toys Ben 10 – Glitch Ben Figure Review

Playmates Toys Ben 10 – Glitch Ben Figure Review


Playmates Toys is offering two new Ben 10 5″ scale figures for Fall 2018, which includes Glitch Ben and Omni-Enhanced Shockrock. Glitch Ben is a fusion of the techno-alien upgrade and Ben tennyson’s own human DNA, and has the ability to use his internal nanotechnology to merge with and possess any technology by encasing himself over it.

Omni-Enhanced gives the Aliens upgraded powers and abilities by using the Omnitrix. These new powers also alters the appearance of the characters such as water cannons for Overflow, and turbo-charged energy kicks for XLR8, which gives him enhanced speed. During New York ToyFair, we did a video walkthrough of Playmates Toys Ben 10 figures for 2018 HERE. Get caught up and watch that video.

Thank you to Playmates Toys for providing their Ben 10 – Glitch Ben figure for review. 

Availability: October 2018


Ben 10 joints the Omni-Enhanced line-up of the Ben 10 series and features one of the more impressive sculpts and deco in the line. Glitch Ben includes some reuse and newly sculpted parts and has a great likeness to the animated series. The plastic used is translucent purple with a dark purple and pink deco over it, giving it the appearance of the techno-alien upgrade. The pink deco is used for the trim and sculpted details on the body, which includes some strong paint applications. The fingernails are also painted in pink, with the fingers being translucent purple with the dark purple deco on the hand and arm. The head sculpt is painted with a dark purple preventing some of the translucent from seeing the inside, with the exception of his ears. The hair is painted in dark purple, and the eyes are white with black pupils. There is also a number 10 on his chest in white.

Included with Ben is a overboard made with translucent purple plastic, with pink deco on some of the details. This also has wheels on the bottom that rotate. His articulation includes a ball jointed neck, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged hips, and swivel-hinged knees.

Overall, Glitch Ben is a nice looking figure with a great likeness. to the animated series. He fits in perfectly with Omni-Enhanced Shockrock, also just released and the other figures.



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