Mattel – Batman Missions The Riddler 6″ Scale Figure


Mattel is offering a new 6″ scale The Riddler figure in their Batman Missions basic figure line-up, which wave 1 was released earlier this year.

Amazon has a new listing and is in-stock right now for $9.99. Some additional new listings include variants of Batman, which include Sonar Suit Batman and Night Jumper Batman. In addition, there is also True-Moves Mr. Freeze. This Riddler figure however stands out the best and comes in translucent green plastic. Additional figures of their Batman Missions 6″ basic figures can also be purchased now. 

A new 6″ scale DC figure with 14 points of articulation. Perfect for battle posing and epic storytelling play. For complete good vs. evil adventures, choose the full assortment of 14 Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Each action figure sold separately, subject to availability.