Super7 Masters Of The Universe Classics Granita & Karg Figures Review


Super7 is now offering the second wave of their Masters Of The Universe Classics line-up, which includes both Club Grayskull (Filmation style) and the Collector’s Choice line. In the coming weeks ahead, we’ll be taking a look at all eight figures that have been shipped out, which includes  Dylamug, Wraptrap, Granita and Karg for the Collector’s Choice, and Mer-Man, Sorceress, Tung Lasher and Man-E-Faces for the Club Grayskull line.

We’re continuing our reviews with Granita and Karg, two iconic Masters of the Universe characters that fans had to wait a decade to own in the Classics line. Granita is the third and final rock warrior and finally joins her brothers Stonedar and Rokkon in the Masters of the Universe Classics line. Karg also has been much demand over the years and with Snake Mountain on its way from Super7, fans will be able to place Skeletor’s interrogator to his ranks.

Availability: October 2018


Granita is the female rock warrior and inspired from her appearance in the 1980’s Masters of the Universe cartoon. The sculpt is nicely done and works well in the Classics style, and the bright colors on this figure also works well with her animated appearance. Just like Stonedar and Rokkon, Granita can fold up into a rock and she features removable rock pieces that allows her to be shown in various different ways. Her skin deco maintains the light blue, while her outfit is pink, red with a yellow belt that has a hole for the blaster to fit into. Her head sculpt features the green hair with the back of it looking like part of the rock, and she has green facial details including on her lips, eyes and eye brows. We’re just so thrilled to see Granita in this line that we’re not even that upset that her rock form doesn’t work as well as Stonedar and Rokkon’s designs had.


Granita’s rock pieces snap on and protects the sides of her body, and there is some nicely done detailing on the rock pieces themselves. Although maybe a little more would have been preferred as the Horsemen are sculpting this, and everyone reading this knows that the Horsemen are kings in this modern age of toy sculpting. The rock pieces snap onto her back, shoulders and legs, and there is a separate piece for her to lean into just like what was offered with Stonedar and Rokkon.


This design however is much harder to get that perfectly fixed position and parts of her body can be seen through the rocks, leaving her exposed to not only Skeletor and his henchmen, but to the elements of space when she travels. It is a decent attempt however and just because the rock form doesn’t work as planned, she still has a great likeness to her animated counterpart, and from a standpoint she might even be the weakest figure from wave 2.


Karg on the other hand is all about detail and he comes ready and waiting to be added to Snake Mountain once that is released. Karg features an excellent figure sculpt with some nicely done sculpted details, including accessories sculpting around his belt, chest armor and various other sculpted details in the design. He is primary painted in a metallic blue and purple (the purple has a matte finish) costume with silver accessories, green skin and yellow hair. On the top of the chest is a gold necklace with gold and red deco on either side of it, The facial details are excellent and the wrinkles in the skin to the glaring eye detail and mouth are just remarkable, and sure he is the most detailed sculpt from this wave. The ears are pointy on either side and sculpted within the hair, and the hair has some nicely done sculpted details with a wash into the yellow.

The top part of the cape has sculpted texture that indicates fur, and the cape itself is made of a soft plastic and painted in red in the front, and black in the back. Karg’s left hand sculpt is a hook, and can swivel. Included with Karg is a blaster and a dagger that can fit into his right hand.

Overall, Karg and Granita are nicely done figures with a with a great likeness. Karg is nicely done and updated in Classics style from his 1987 movie design, and Granita features a great likeness to her animated appearance. It’s unfortunate that her rock pieces don’t allow her to look fully protected, but a good attempt nonetheless. Karg has no complaints, and surely worth adding to your collection.