Mega Construx MCX Heroes Mini-Figure Series 4 Review


Mega Construx is now offering the fourth wave in their Heroes line-up that was shown at this years New York ToyFair. This new wave introduced three new licenses to the new line. Included in this assortment are Man-At-Arms and Evil Lyn from Masters of the Universe, Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, Kratos from God of War, Hellboy, and a T-800 Exoskeleton from Terminator.

The case assortment includes 21 carded figures, which breaks down to these six characters. Included in the assortment are 2x Evil Lyn, 4x Man-At-Arms, 3x Ezio, 3x Kratos, 5x T-800, 4x Hellboy.

The Mega Construx MCX Heroes Mini-Figure Series 4 features iconic and fan-favorite mini-figures to collect! Build your favorite TV, movie and video game icons with 6 different mini-figures to collect! Each 2-inch tall super-poseable figure features up to 13 points of articulation, comes with authentic weapons and accessories, and includes a color-coded display stand.

Thank you to Mattel and Mega Construx for sending along their Mega Construx MCX Heroes Mini-Figure Series 4 case assortment for review. 

Availability: November 2018


Mega Construx are continuing right where they left off, and this wave gives fans the highly anticipated releases of Man-At-Arms and Evil Lyn, which joins He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Beast Man and Faker in the Masters of the Universe line-up part of the line. Man-At-Arms includes his orange armor, with a green suit underneath, and black boots. The belt, helmet and right bracelet are blue, with some organ on the helmet, and red as the belt buckle. The armor has some great sculpted details just like the vintage 1980’s figure had, and both of the accessories can be stored on his back.

Evil Lyn is painted in yellow skin, with a dark and light blue outfit that has some nicely done details. The armor covers her torso, while the arms have bracelets, and the lower legs are covered in dark blue boots. The helmet is nicely painted with the light blue deco on the top part of the helmet just like we remember, and the facial details look great with some nicely done paint applications including green painted over her eye brows, and pink lips. Her staff needs to be assembled, and looks great with the dark blue ball on top so she can cast spells.

Hellboy is the other cartoon/comic inspired figure in this wave, and he has a nicely done sculpt with an oversized right hand for punching, a brown belt with pouches and black pants. His tail is articulated at the hips, and is ball jointed allowing for some great display options. The fist has some sculpted detail and there is a hole in-between the fingers as if he can hold something. The head sculpt looks great and he has black hair, yellow eyes, and the two circular objects on his forehead where his horns would go. Included is a pistol.


Kratos, the God of War has a great likeness to the video game and is painted in while skin, with clothing that includes a harness around his chest, brown shorts with red details, and dark brown pants with light brown boots. The clothing has some nicely sculpted details, and the back of the harness looks like sculpted fur. There are also the red lines on his face, chest and arm, with looks great. Included with Kratos is an axe, with detailed paint applications with white lines giving it patterns.

The T-800 Exoskeleton is inspired by the Terminator movies, and features grey deco with a darker wash. The figure includes some great sculpted details giving the exoskeleton likeness some skeletal structures as seen in the movies, and the red eyes look great. The elbow joints on this figure swivel, rather than the standard swivel-hinged joint, and he includes a black blaster with some silver deco.

Ezio comes from the Assassins Creed video game, and is almost completely covered in clothing with the exception of his face and left hand. The outfit includes a light grey hood and vest with some red lines in the front, a red belt around his waist with a sheath for the sword, a brown chest harness, off white sleeves, dark grey pants, brown boots, a brown glove on his right hand and a brown wrist band. The clothing looks great and detailed just like in the video game. Included is a sword and two snap arm wrist blades.

Overall, Mega Construx Heroes Series 4 features a great assortment of characters from a variety of popular franchises, and the detail on these figures came out exceptionally well as seen in the first three series of this line, and previous offerings from the company. Look for these in stores now, or purchase at the links below:


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