Beast Kingdom – X-Men Mini Egg Attack Statue Series

Beast Kingdom – X-Men Mini Egg Attack Statue Series


Beast Kingdom sent along a press release with official product descriptions and images of their upcoming X-Men Mini Egg Attack Statue Series. This line-up includes Dark Phoenix, Magneto, Wolverine and Cyclops.

Pre-Orders are available beginning Friday, November 30th on BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth.

Release Date: Q1, 2019

Designed and Manufactured under license by Beast Kingdom

Marvel X-Men Comic Mini Egg Attack Statue series

  • 3-4 inches of battle-ready designs
  • Marvel Comic design
  • Vivid and detailed hand-painted statues
  • Action poses and special effects for popping effect

With the debut of Marvel Comics’ X-Men in 1963 the world was introduced to one of the most infamous superhero groups that ever existed. The 1992 hit TV series has since become a staple of classic animation.
Cyclops, leads the pack with his laser eyed beams, which he contains with a special optical visor. Wolverine the unpredictable, wild card assists the X-Men with his adamantium claws. On the opposite end, Magneto is the regular foe of the team, who controls metallic elements with his mind, who uses levitation to soar above his enemies!
Finally, in the middle stands the great Phoenix. The on-off love interest of Wolverine, Jean Grey becomes arguably the most powerful mutant in the series, with near godlike abilities.

Don’t miss your chance to add all these magnificent MEA statues to your collection.

Marvel X-Men Comic Collection, Collect all 4 Now!

  1. Wolverine:3.1” (8.1 cm)
  2. Cyclops:3.4” (8.8 cm)
  3. Magneto:4.1”(10.5 cm)
  4. Dark Phoenix:4.4”(11.2 cm)


Product is not suitable for children under 5 Years.

Countian’s small parts, to avoid suffocation, keep product away from babies and children.

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