Flame Toys New York Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive – Transformers Furai Model Nemesis Prime Figure Review


At this years New York Comic-Con, Bluefin offered an exclusive Transformers Furai Model Nemesis Prime Figure by Flame Toys, which is a repaint of their Furai Model Optimus Prime. Both Optimus Prime and Nemesis Prime are part of the Furai Model line by Flame Toys, which brings simple non-transformable snap model kits with over 40 movable joints which allows any pose easily.

Thank you to Bluefin for providing the Transformers Furai Model Nemesis Prime Figure from Flame Toys. 

Availability: October 2018


Nemesis Prime is the second figure offered in Flame Toys new line of Transformers model kits, which are part of the Furai Model line. These look to have a bit of manga inspiration while keeping his Generation One color scheme and some design elements. The model kit is made up of 14 trays (Part A, B, C, D1, D2 x2, E1, E2 x2, E3, F1 x2, F2, F3) and one sticker sheet. Each piece needs to be cut out carefully and assembled.

Each of the pieces are already in color, so there is no need to paint this as once assembled Nemesis Prime is ready for action and comes in his G1 colors. The stickers however are somewhat difficult to put on, including the tiny circular ones. The larger stickers can also be a bit of a challenge such as the ones for the axe, as it’s very hard to line it up right and after a few attempts, we designed to only use the Autobot stickers for this figure, which is why you will see only those applied in the photoshoot. Besides the stickers, some parts do tend to fall off such as the pipes, crouch and lower back pieces, which may require some glue if you aren’t too keen on putting those back on each time you move the legs and depending the pose you choose.



As this is a non-transforming figure, he remains in robot mode wielding his blaster and axe. The chest includes the windshield of the truck, and the overall design elements keep true to his 1980’s G1 design, including the tires on the sides of his legs and the overall design elements on this figure. The axe and blaster can be stored on his back with the attachments given as instructed in the booklet, and he comes with two sets of hands (closed fisted and open handed) to hold the weapons. The open hands need to be split open so that the handles of the blaster and axe can fit in-between the hand. The articulation is nicely done and you can create some nice poses with the accessories.



Overall, the Flame Toys Nemesis Prime model kit is nicely done with some great design elements and detail. Transformers fans will enjoy putting this together, and this is a slightly different version of Nemesis Prime than you’re used too, so having it mixed in with your Transformers collection will make a nice display piece.

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