Entertainment Earth Doorbuster Daily Deal – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Alpha Training Blue

Entertainment Earth Doorbuster Daily Deal – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Alpha Training Blue


Beginning at 11am PST, Entertainment Earth is offering a new Doorbuster deal on Mattel’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Alpha Training Blue. This is a limited supply deal and one per customer. The sale price won’t be known until the sale begins, but we are expected at least a substantial discount.

Click right HERE to check this out.

Update – Sale price is $149.99!!

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Also, make sure to check out our custom product page featured on Entertainment Earth, which includes products specifically chosen by ToyHypeUSA staff.

  • Train your own interactive dinosaur with Alpha Training Blue, based on fan-favorite Velociraptor Blue from Jurassic World! Remote control is like Owen’s clicker in the movie and allows 4 modes of exciting play: Training Mode, Guard Mode, RC Mode and Total Control Mode
  • In Training Mode, the accelerometer-equipped controller allows Blue to mimic movements. You can give her treats, reward Blue by petting her, and move her using responsive motioncommands. As you train, you unlock levels and her behavior improves
  • Set Blue in a location and monitor movement in Guard Mode. When any “prey” gets within a foot of her motion sensors, the controller will vibrate. Issue appropriate commands to warn intruders
  • Use the joystick portion of the controller to move around in RC Mode. Like a vehicle, you can control Blue to move forward, backward and side to side. In Total Control Mode, you decide how Blue comes to life by controlling her movements from her eyes and mouth to her head
  • Alpha Training Blue has incredible lifelike movement as she moves, blinks, roars, chomps and responds to your commands for a truly immersive interactive experience

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