DC Collectibles Solicitations For August 2019

DC Collectibles Solicitations For August 2019


DC Collectibles sent along their solicitations for August 2019.

Pre-Orders are available on Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore, , Things From Another World, and Amazon.

DC Comics Red White & Black Harley Quinn Limited Edition Statue (John Timms)

Since her first appearance in 1992, Harley Quinn has captured the hearts of both fans and comics artists alike. The Harley Quinn Red White & Black collection of statues are based on various depictions of Harley re-created in vivid 3D detail.This latest statue in the series comes from famed artist John Timms.

Harley Quinn has come into possession of Batman’s cowl, cape and utility belt. While there’s surely a great story about how she got it, what’s more intriguing is what mischievous adventures she can undertake while beneath the cowl. Will she frame the Batman in a crime spree? Or auction off these missing goods to the highest bidder? Whatever choice she makes, it’s a good guess she’ll be smiling when she does it.

Dark Nights: Metal The Drowned Limited Edition Statue

From the pages of DC Comic’s Dark Nights: Metal comes nightmarish fusion of a gender-flipped Batman and Aquaman—the Drowned. Bryce Wayne came from Earth-11 and harbored a deep hatred of the Atlanteans for their role in the death of her beloved, Sylvester Kyle. Seeking to avenge his death, she spliced her DNA with that of Atlanteans, becoming a super-powered Dark Knight capable of breathing and fighting underwater.

This carefully detailed statue highlights the Drowned’s unique design, as she comes complete with her own trident and cape, and sports the flowing hair of a submerged and vengeful Dark Knight.

DC Designer Series Nightwing Limited Edition Statue (Jim Lee)

The DC Designer Series line features statues based on the imaginative vision of the comic industry’s top artists. Straight from the pages of the blockbuster series Batman: Hush, this polyresin statue captures Lee’s now-iconic take on Nightwing, and comes complete with the former Boy Wonder’s twirling escrima sticks.

Cover Girls of the DC Universe Black Canary Limited Edition Statue (Joelle Jones)

DC Cover Girls is a long-running line inspired by the powerful women of the DC Universe and features dynamic depictions of the most famous superheroes and super-villains as premium 9 inch statues, all based on the art of some of the top talent in the comics industry.

Black Canary is the latest addition to the line. Based on the art of the Eisner-nominated artist and writer Joëlle Jones, this statue is a vibrant and modern take on DC’s dangerous diva. With a rock ’n’ roll fashion sense—featuring the leather jacket and corset-infused Rebirth-era character design—and a fearless attitude to take on any foe, this Bird of Prey is ready for whatever the night will throw at her. This sharply detailed sculpt is cast in polyresin, and is a great piece for fans of Jones and Black Canary.

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