Super7 Masters Of The Universe Classics Holiday He-Man Figure Review


For this holidays this year, Super7 offered a Filmation style He-Man figure with a Santa hat with a candy cane style sword. This figure was offered in limited supply during Cyber Monday, and is surely one figure you should consider owning. The packaging on this figure is also special and features real Christmas wrapping paper that is tapped, and needs to be cut carefully to open. The wrapping paper shouldn’t be removed, as it would damage the collectability, and instead you should open it from the top and slide out the Castle Grayskull style packaging.

Availability: November 2018


Holiday He-Man features the Filmation accurate figure sculpt that Mattel had introduced during their tenure run, which is based off the classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series of the 1980’s. The sculpt remains to be great, as the Four Horsemen’s style to capture the likeness continues to astound fans and collectors. What is new on this figure is the head sculpt, which includes a Santa hat that is complete with the ball in the back, and the candy cane Power Sword. The facial details on He-Man are also new, which includes him smiling, as he should, as its the holidays and all.

He-Man also includes all of the articulation and deco given to his previous Filmation sculpt, and what is new is the red and white Santa Hat, and the metallic silver and red candy cane sword.

Overall, Holiday He-Man is a great offering from Super7 that is something new fans can add to their collections. Hopefully, they’ll revisit this concept and give fans a Holiday Prince Adam and Adora, just as they were shown in the classic series.