Super7 – Masters Of The Universe Vintage Wave 3 Figures Announced

Super 7 have announced the third wave of their upcoming Masters Of The Universe Vintage 5.5″ figures, which includes Orko, Crystal Man-At-Arms, Frozen Teela, Gold Statue He-Man, Mer-Man, Prince Adam, and Trap Jaw. These figures are priced at $20 each and will ship in Summer 2019.

MOTU Fans! This new Pre-Sale is now available: The Masters of the Universe Vintage Collection Wave 3 featuring the latest 5.5-inch assortment: Crystal Man-At-Arms (from Episode 34 “The Dragon’s Gift”), Frozen Teela (from Episode 76 “The Ice Age Cometh”), Gold Statue He-Man (from Episode 2 “The Shaping Staff”), Mer-Man, Orko (3.5-inch), Prince Adam, and Trap Jaw.

All figures come with accessories and packaged with a custom character history card and new original art on the back of each card. This pre-sale will be open until Thursday, February 28th and is not a limited edition release but pre-sale orders will receive the figures immediately upon arrival from the factory. Figures are available individually for $20 each and we expect to ship them in Summer 2019. Packaging for some figures is not finalized and not shown here but will be posted when available. By the Power of Grayskull!

Pre-Orders are available from Super7 directly, and pre-orders are available on Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore and Megalopolis: City Of Collectibles.