NYTF 2019 – Hasbro Transformers Panel & Showroom Coverage

We are live at the Hasbro presentation, and have full coverage of the panel below. Ben Montano (Senior Director) is presenting for Transformers. John Warden and one other person took over.

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Transformers Bumblebee Movie  – Optimus Prime (Voyager Wave 2)

Dropkick, Hightower, Drift – Deluxe

Transformers SIEGE – War for Cybertron – Mirage, Impactor, Jetfire (Commander Class)

Omega Supreme  – G1 accurate face and body. Transforms into a station with rocket

Wave 3 Deluxe – Red Alert

Wave 3 and 4 Deluxe – Springer and Thundercracker

Smashdown, Caliburst – Wave 3 and 4 Legion

Leader Wave 2 – Armada Optimus Prime