McFarlane Toys NYTF 2019 – Booth Coverage & DC Multiverse Update


McFarlane Toys has some new reveals from several of their new licenses, which includes Fortnite, Game of Thrones, Mortal Kombat, Stranger Things and more.

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Stranger Things will get two new figures from season 3 – Chief Hopper and Eleven.

We took the time in this appointment to talk to them about the DC Multiverse figures coming in 2020, and were able to get a few new details for you. First, McFarlane Toys will be sculpting these figures in-house, and will not use (or don’t plan too at this time) the Four Horsemen, which has been sculpting DC figures for Mattel since 2007 with DC Super Heroes or so. McFarlane Toys is very excited for this line to launch in 2020, and the figures are planned to have as much detail as their current offerings such as Fornite, which are highly detailed figures with 22 points of articulation. As of today, McFarlane Toys is not sure which era the figures will be based on, such as current comics or golden age, for example. They also mentioned comic, movies and television figures that could be potentially offered in their take on DC Multiverse. Keep in mind that the figures will be different than what Mattel had been doing for years, and the figures will likely be 7″ tall because it’s easier to offer better detail at the scale than in 6″, but the scale is not set in stone. They hope to have something to show by Comic-Con, which we asked San Diego (July) or New York (October), and they could not give us a time frame.

The Walking Dead figure line is on hiatus, and this is because McFarlane just picked up many new licenses that are taking all of their attention away from a smaller toy line such as this. They are also in talks with Skybound Entertainment to continue the subscription boxes and convention exclusives, but Skybound is looking at potentially doing it themselves and not out sourcing to McFarlane Toys. At this time, there isn’t a confirmation if the 5″ The Walking Dead figures are completely dead, if you will, in this offering. We will of course keep you updated.

Take a look at the showroom images below: