Extreme-Sets – Vault Pop-Up Diorama Set Review


Extreme-Sets is offering a new wave of their popular diorama backdrops, which includes the Subway Terminal 2.0, Vault, Cave, Bank, Abandoned House 1.5 and the Ground Pack 1.5 Pop-Up Diorama’s. The Arena 2.0 includes two pop-ups that connect to create an even larger scene. This set is scaled to 1/12th, and is compatible with 6″-7″ figures.

Vault Pop-Up Diorama is a must have for collectors. Vault allows you to create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures.

Cashing out of the bank has never been more exciting then now! The Vault Pop Up stands 14 inches tall and is ready for your bad guy action figures to cash out of. The double sided panel with door is excellent for keeping money in, but great for snapping some photos of bad guys breaking into it as well. Once the bad guys are inside the vault pop up, set the mood right with two amazingly detailed panels, and three ground panels. However, bandits should be careful because this pop has two big 3D safe boxes that could have a hero waiting to take them down. And if that wasn’t enough, capture the perfect image with your action figures getting rich fast with the incredible not one, not two, not even three, but four smaller 3D safe boxes.


Made of cardboard
Create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures
Seamless connecting panels
Opening vault door
Combine with Bank diorama


One (1) 41″ wide x14″ tall (double-sided) panel with opening vault door
Two (2)  5″ wide x 14″ tall x 4″ deep 3D Safe-box panel

Two (2) 19″ wide x 14″ tall vault safe box panels
Three (3) 19″ x 12″ Ground Panels
Four (4) 3D Safe boxes

1:12 – This product is to scale to all 6″-7″ action figures.

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Thank you to Extreme-Sets for providing their Vault Pop-Up Diorama for review. 

Availability: 2018


The Vault features the likeness of both the interior and exterior details that you would see in a bank or a secure building, that warehouses cash and other valuables. The Vault includes a double-sided panel with an opening vault door, with the front of it featuring wood panels, and the back of it numbered safe-boxes that holds the valuables as well as solid steel panels. The doorway has some realistic details as you would see on the front and back of a vault door, such as two rotating handle wheels, steel brackets, bolts and additional details. The vault is also meant to be combined with the bank diorama, which is also available now, and is best used as the front of the vault door.


There are also two safe-box panels that are numbered, and have the same likeness and detail as the reversible side of the vault door. These boxes range in sizes as shown, and only four of the box doors open to insert an included safe-box into it as if the box was pulled out like a drawer. Each of these boxes is filled with cash, and are offered in two different sizes. There are also two tall safe box panels with the numbered boxes in the front of them. The floor panels are checkered squares, with yellow and black deco.

The cardboard used for these panels is thinner than what we’ve previously seen and reviewed, and because of the thinner cardboard the floor panels warped inside the box before we even opened it, which are you can see in the gallery, does make it harder to get that smooth look for a diorama. This can be corrected by mounting the floors to something more solid, such as a thicker piece of cardboard or even wood. Keep in mind that it may be harder to connect the floors together if you do this (unless you cut the tabs and place these side-by-side).


For the gallery, we went with the new NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2-packs and Playmates Toys Rocksteady and Bebop figures. This diorama can be used for any 6″-7″ figure, but we know there is a lot of love right now for these 2-packs, so we went with just those in this photoshoot. What is nice here is that the safe-boxes with the cash inside can be carried by the Foot Soldiers or even the gruesome twosome, just as you would see this happen in the classic cartoon. The Vault can store dozens of additional figures to your liking for display purposes and even fighting scenes.

Overall, the Vault features a realistic likenesses to it and fits perfectly with any toy collection. We particularly like the removable safe-boxes with cash, opening vault door, wood panels on the back of the vault, and attention to detail on the safe box panels.