Sideshow Collectibles Iron Man Mark III Life Size Bust


Sideshow Collectibles is offering a new Life Sized bust with their Iron Man Mark III, which pre-orders will be offered tomorrow between 12 pm PST – 3 pm PST. This armor is based on Iron Man 3 and stands over 26″ tall. The production is a joint venture between Sideshow and Legacy Effects, who worked on the special effects for the film. Iron Man features light up eyes and a light up Arc Reactor in his chest plate. The Iron Man bust is priced at $1,250.

Look for pre-orders on April 18th between 12-3 PM PST on Sideshow Collectibles.

Sideshow and Legacy Effects present the Iron Man Mark III Life-Size Bust.

The Iron Man Mark III Life-Size Bust measures over 26” tall, inspired by the cinematic debut of Iron Man’s iconic red and gold suit. This bust features a detailed sculpt and paint application as well as a light-up arc reactor and eyes in the faceplate.

This incredible 1:1 scale Marvel collectible is a must-have for fans of Iron Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe alike!

Upgrade your hall of armor and bring home the Iron Man Mark III Life-Size Bust today!

Pre-orders for the Iron Man Mark II Life-Size Bust will begin on Thursday, April 18th between 12pm-3pm PDT and will be priced at $1,250.00 USD.