Playmates Toys Ben 10 – Kevin 11 & Rath Figures Review

Playmates Toys Ben 10 – Kevin 11 & Rath Figures Review


Playmates Toys is offering a new wave of 6 figures for Spring 2019, which are based on the current animated series. The new line-up includes Kevin 11, Rath, Slapback, Humungousaur, Hot Shot, and Rustbuggy Ben.

After stopping the Innervasion, kid-hero Ben Tennyson takes his alien adventures worldwide! New rival Kevin 11 has built his own version of Ben’s Omnitrix – the AntiTrix! Kevin keeps getting in Ben’s way as Ben attemps to fight against the mysterious, armored Forever Knight, who’s recruiting for an unknown agenda that looks to change the world…forever! Ranging in height from 4″ to 5″ tall, each figure in the assortment is highly detailed and articulated. Most figures also comes equipped with themed accessories for added play! This pack includes Rath. With catlike reflexes and retractable claws that would make even a sabretooth tiger nervous, Rath is Ben’s go-to extraterrestrial feline when he needs to land on both feet. Rath not only pounces on his enemies to take them out, he brings a little more attitude into battle than some of Ben’s other transformations, making Rath one tough cat!

Thank you to Playmates Toys for providing their Kevin and Rath Figures for review.

Availability: March 2019


Ken 11 and Rath are packaged on blister cards, with artwork from the show on the cover and back, along with a character bio, and images of many of the figures being offered right now.


Rath is one of the Aliens that Ben can turn into using his Omnitrix, and is a cat-like species, and has sculpted textures throughout the orange and black stripes on the sculpt to indicate fur. The beige parts can smooth to indicate his skin, such as his chest, hands, feet, neck and face. The black and white Ben 10 logo is on his chest, and his hands have black claws that are retractable in the cartoon, but not not he figure. His head sculpt has a nice likeness and has big black eye lashes, green eyes, and nostrils. His articulation includes a swivel head, ball hinged shoulders, ball hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, swivel-hinged hips, and swivel-hinged knees.


Kevin 11 is a villain character that created his own version of Ben’s Omnitrix – the AntiTrix. Kevin is sculpted and painted in his black shirt with torn off sleeves, blue jeans, and black shows with a red stripe around them on the bottom. Around his neck is a chain with a lock, and sculpted to his left wrists is the AntiTrix. which the logo can also be found on Hot Shot’s chest as that’s one of the Aliens that he can transform into. The head sculpt is nicely done and captures a good likeness to the character, including the black hair and nicely done facial details. Included with Kevin are two arm attachments that resembles some of the Aliens he can become, including Hot Shot. His articulation includes a swivel head, ball hinged shoulders, ball hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, swivel-hinged hips, and swivel-hinged knees.



Other figures in this wave includes Slapback, Humungousaur, Hot Shot, and Rustbuggy Ben. Slapback has the appearance of a frog and includes two smaller versions of himself, meaning he can create as many copies as he likes to overwhelm an opponent. Humungousaur is about 12 feet in the animated series and has the resemblance of a dinosaur. This figure has obviously been scaled down to fit in this basic 4-5″ line, but the likeness is there and he has a great sculpt and nicely done facial details. Rustbuggy Ben is a suit he wears when he hops into his off-road vehicle, the Rustbuggy, but instead he comes with a scooter that can fold up and has two wheels. The figure features a visor that can be lifted up and nicely done paint applications on the suit. Hot Shot is an alien that Kevin can transform into, and he is a magma-based life-form whose body is composed of a dark orange inner magma body covered by olive green rocks on his torso, which turn dark red upon reaching his kneecaps and lower legs and they also cover his hands in the form of fingerless gloves. The AntiTrix logo is on his chest, and he has two removable hand attachments.

Overall, Playmates Toys continues to offer such nicely detailed Ben 10 action figures and this wave is no exception to the attention to detail that you also see in their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Voltron, and other lines that they work on. If you’re a fan of animated figures, and especially the Ben 10 franchise, make sure to grab yourself a set of the figures now.


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The backdrop used in this review is the Animated Port Pop Up Diorama by Extreme-Sets. We thought this would be a good backdrop to use as the colors really stand out and look good with the Looney Tunes figures. Use toyhype for 15% off your order at now. In addition, they are also offering 25% off on orders over $120 USD when you sign up for their newsletter at this time.

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