Four Horsemen Studios – Mythic Legions: Wasteland Figures Announced

The Four Horsemen announced a new assortment of their popular Mythic Legions 6″ line that includes six new characters that will be available to pre-order at the Store Horsemen later today at 1pm EST. The new line-up includes Thumpp ( a Goblin General), Cassia (Barbarian Ranger), Kronnaw (pays homage to Trap Jaw and also available at Power-Con), Torgun Redfin (dwarf), Purrrplor  (homage to Panthor and also available at Power-Con), and Argemedes (Cyclopses warlord and stands at 9″-10″ tall).

Each figure comes with accessories and all of the great sculpting and painting that the Horsemen are known for. Each figure is priced at $35, with Argemedea is priced at $55 due to his larger size.