Super7 – Masters Of The Universe ReAction Variable Variants & Slime Pit He-Man Figures Review


Super7 is offering a Variable Variants wave and Slime Pit He-Man in their Masters Of The Universe ReAction line-up. This wave includes an assortment of mini-comic, movie and other storyarch in MOTU history. This wave includes Teela (Shiva), Hordak (grey), Man-At-Arms (Movie Accurate), Mer-Man (Carry-Case Color), Ram Man (Mini-Comics) and Slime Pit He-Man (Mini-Comic).

These ReAction figures are reimagined versions of Masters of the Universe, as if the franchise was created in the 1970’s, otherwise known as the golden age, as opposed in the 1980’s. Much like the four three waves and some exclusives, these include five points of articulation and comes with character specific accessories.

Thank you to Super7 for providing their Masters Of The Universe ReAction Variable Variants & Slime Pit He-Man Figures for review.

Availability: April 2019

The figures are packaged on blister cards that has some beautifully done artwork on the front and back, along with images of the figures on the back. Slime Pit He-Man has artwork from the mini-comic on the back, which is unique to the wave and a great idea to showcase him.


Slime Pit He-Man is inspired by the mini-comic likeness, and is a repaint from the very first He-Man figure offered in the ReAction line. The figure is made of translucent green plastic to indicate the Slime that he was covered in, and was mind-controlled by Hordak. The figure has a dark green head, shorts and boots, silver belt, left gauntlet and right wrist band, and a metallic silver chest harness with metallic dark red deco on some of the details. His face also has black eye lashes and red eyes. Included with Slime Pit He-Man is his Power Sword also made of a light green plastic.


Teela, or more accurately the Goddess Shiva, is painted in light blue skin, with orange snake armor, greenish-brown boots, gauntlets and various places over the white, and white on the cuffs of the boots and at the lower portion of the outfit. Her head sculpt is nicely done with pink lips, black eye laches and eyes, and white teeth from the Snake helmet on her forehead. Included with Shiva is a brown staff. This deco is pretty obscure it seems, but regardless its painted very nicely and there’s nothing wrong with obscure characters or deco’s in this line. It would have been nice to have something for reference as we too had some difficultly tracking down a reference for this variant.


Man-At-Arms is inspired by his movie outfit, and is painted in dark and light armor, black lion cloth and black boots. The details are nicely done as previously seen with Man-At-Arms ReAction figures, and just like in the movie, this figure has a mustache that was also offered in his initial release. The chest armor and armor on his left arm are light grey, as is the knee pad and knee guard on his left leg, and the rest of the arms, leg and lower stomach and on his back are dark grey. The wrist bracelet on his right arm is left as the same dark grey as the arm, but it would have been nice to bring out that detail as its sculpted. Included is his mace that is also light grey.


Ram-Man is based on his mini-comic appearance and is painted in a irange shirt, red spring loaded legs, black boots, silver upper chest armor and helmet, silver belt and bracelets. The details on the armor are nicely done including the sculpted chains and the top of the helmet that he uses to ram into enemies. His facial details are nicely done, with black eye laches and eyes. Included with Ram Man is his axe that is dark grey plastic.


Hordak is inspired from the vintage 80’s figure and is in his classic black outfit with grey skin. The chest harness, lion cloth, boots and the piece behind his head are cast in black, and the Horde logo on his chest, left shoulder and boots are in red. His belt is painted in metallic silver, and there is red deco on the sides of the harness that brings out the detail nicely. His head sculpt is nicely done with light grey making up most of it, and darker grey on his chin, cheeks and inner ears. His eyes have black eye liner with red eye balls, which is nicely done. What is new to the figure is the red vinyl cape in the back, which wasn’t offered on the previous SDCC release of him. Included with Hordak is a is a blaster.


Mer-Man is offered in his Carry-Case Colors with dark blue skin, which covers his head, chest, arms and legs, a yellow chest harness, and a red lion cloth. The detail on the chest harness is nicely done with the sculpted pattern and belt. His head sculpt has red around the eyes, white eyes with black pupils, and white teeth. The figure is a repaint from earlier Mer-Man figures that you probably already have, and the dark blue deco and bring colors work well with him. Included with Mer-Man is a sword.

Each figure has 5 points of articulation, so think Kenner Star Wars 3 3/4″ as these figures are supposed to be styled as if they were released in 1970’s.

Overall, this is a beautiful wave of figures with some nicely done repaints, and there is surely something for everyone in this line-up. The introduction of Slime Pit He-Man in this wave was a great idea considering that they are offering a Classics version of the character at Power-Con this year, and Mattel had shown off a Jumbo and Retro version of him at last years Power-Con. Fans of the Masters of the Universe will surely want to check these out for themselves, and if you haven’t done so already, make sure to pick up the four three waves.



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