Four Horsemen Studios – Mythic Legions: Wasteland Figure Pre-Order Ends In 24 Hours


The Four Horsemen have sent out a press release reminding everyone that they have until Wednesday at 3pm PST. After  3:00pm EST on Wednesday, May 29th you’ll no longer be able to pre-order the six characters from this wave – CassiaPurrplorThumppKronnawTorgun Re dfin and Argemedes – directly through StoreHorsemen so be sure to get in there ASAP and get your pre-orders in before the Wasteland devours another poor soul.

Mythic Legions: Wasteland All-In!
The prolonged and bloody assault that culminated with the legendary siege of Bjorngar served as a deadly prelude to a much larger attack on Mythoss. Although the bulk of the Legion of Arethyr’s evil forces were thwarted and repelled, some of their evil brethren were left behind, stranded in the harsh and unforgiving wastelands of Bjorngar. Hoping to seek asylum in the mystical city of Alkyrium, a small band of invaders must fight their way northward through enemy territory in hopes of finding refuge.

This set includes Argemedes, Cassia, Kronnaw, Purrrplor, Thumpp, and Torgun Redfin. These 6-inch scaled, highly articulated “Mythic Legions: Wasteland” action figures will come in collector-friendly blister-cards and/or window-boxes with character-specific packaging details and accessories. Final paints and certain details may vary slightly on the final product from the prototype image shown. All final accessories included may not be shown in the image.