Batman’s 80th Anniversary – Collectable DZNR Logo Batman Plush Review


In celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary, award-winning global toy brand, YuMe is launching their Batman DZNR Series – an exclusive line of specialty chibis designed to celebrate Batman’s rich history. The seven designs that make up the core of the Batman DZNR Series will be released weekly on beginning July 1, 2019. With one of the most distinctive logos across the DC Comics-verse, the Batman emblem is easily recognized across several generations that date back to the development of the character in 1939. The DZNR Logos Batman from the YuMe Series pays homage to all of Batman’s different styles and evolution over his entire comic book history – presented in an artful collage that will resonate with all Gotham-loving Batman collectors.

The banner below shows you what is coming this month and next, and you can order the Dark Knight release now by clicking right HERE!


Thank you to YuMe PR for sending along the Walmart exclusive Batman’s 80th Anniversary – Collectable DZNR Logo Series for review.

Availability: July 2019

The DZLR Logo Batman Plush is packaged in a window box that includes artwork of the detailed pattern design on his costume and cowl. There is also a brief description on the back of the box with details of what this version of Batman represents.


This version of the DZLR Series features a collection of Batman’s emblems, which goes back all the way to 1939. The logo designs are printed on his outfit, cowl and cape, with the lower part of the face given a soft plus features. The attention to detail on the printed logos that includes various styles from Detective Comics, Batman  and Robin, and more than a dozen Batman logo’s applied. This is held together by hand stitches, including the white eyes over the cowl, and stitching holding the arms and legs into pace. The feet have a piece of cardboard that is sealed up inside and keeps the feet flat for easy posing and display. The cape is made of a a soft fabric that can be easily lifted, which shows more of the logo’s on the backside, as well as on his waist where the utility belt would normally go. The plush also stands at slightly over 7″ tall and there a total 7 variants being released in July and August as specified in the banner above.

Overall, depending on how much of a Batman enthusiast you are, you might want to pick up the entire set of these that are part of the 80th Anniversary collection. The Logo Batman and the Detective Comics Batman have some of the better printed details in the set, which are all comic inspired logos and comic covers.




Press Release:

Toronto, ON – June 6, 2019 – YuMe Toys, an award-winning toy brand committed to inspiring big imaginations and dreams around the world, is thrilled to announce the launch of their new Batman DZNR Series (pronounced ‘Designer’), an exclusive line of specialty Batman chibi plush. As the 80thanniversary of the famed Caped Crusader draws near, the new Batman DZNR Series features artwork meant to highlight and celebrate the rich history of this world-renowned hero.

Batman has taken on many variations over time that have kept fans in suspense. YuMe has selected some of Batman’s most iconic iterations to design and curate a collection worthy of the hero’s devoted fandom. The seven designs that make up the core of the Batman DZNR Series will be released weekly on beginning July 1, 2019.

Offering a fresh take on traditional plush, the Batman DZNR Series provides core Batman fans a high-quality, collectible line that pays tribute to the iconic Batman comic legacy, while also showcasing and celebrating more modern Batman designs that classic and new fans will appreciate. The line also includes a special exclusive inspired by the Batman Golden Age comics.

“Batman is one of the most beloved and recognizable superheroes of all time and we took great care to meticulously design and create the Batman DZNR Series to ensure that the line truly honors Batman’s legacy,” says Michael Kwan, CEO, Maxx Marketing. “We believe that the unique designs and quality of the chibis capture the essence of Batman and will make excellent additions to any collection. We look forward to launching more high-end, licensed chibi plush lines for fans around the world to enjoy.”

The Batman DZNR Series will be available in 7” chibi plush gift boxes starting at $14.99 at