Valaverse – Action Force Eclipse 6″ Figure Update


Our friend Bobby Vala, owner of Valaverse and a former Hasbro employee that worked on brands such as G.I. Joe, Marvel and Star Wars including some of your favorite figures from recent years has an update on his Action Force Kickstarter campaign. This update includes the final figure sculpts of Eclipse, a stretch goal figure requiring $227.000 to get her funded.

The campaign is currently at over $67.600 out of the $170,000 required to fund this project and get it off the ground. There are 9 days left, and you have until Sunday, July 14 2019 10:00 PM EDT, and fans are off to a great start in backing this project. Check out the Kickstarter by clicking right HERE!

The updates are going to be coming fast and strong now that we are under 10 days left in the campaign.  This one is going to be a good one!  Eclipse has arrived.  Got in the final sculpts and you can see the renders below or in the campaign.  She’s still locked but I have no doubt she will come alive in plastic form.  Hope you all enjoy her.

Had some big pledges today and the day is only half over.  This week has been big and I have a feeling its going to pick up even more especially with many more updates coming.  Maybe another lady or maybe another painted figure???