Mattel SDCC 2019 Preview Night – Masters Of The Universe Booth Coverage

We can’t wrap up preview night without saying something about Masters of the Universe. Mattel has taken back the license from Super7, which took over the brand on behalf of Mattel following the cancellation of Mattycollector.

Mattel has He-Man and Skeletor figures on display this evening, which are part of the Origins line. This line includes more articulation and has the look of the 1980’s vintage line.

Masters of the Universe Classics is done. Aside from what Super7 already had up for pre-order, they can no longer continue the line, and it sounds like Mattel is refreshing the entire brand and starting over.

Mattel is focused on the Origins line and introducing He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to an entire new generation. They will be using characters from the 80’s vintage toyline, and won’t be digging deep into the mini-comics characters, at least for now. Each of these new figures will have the same articulation and style as the Prince Adam/He-Man 2-pack, and He-Man and Skeletor figures on display. With each new release, it sounds like a bio or some form of comic will be offered explaining who the character is.

Also on display was a diorama of vintage Masters of the Universe figures from the 80’s.

No word on ThunderCats Classics.

More reveals to come.