Four Horsemen Studios G-Con 2019 Coverage


We are attending the Four Horsemen Studios in New Jersey, who are responsible for many of your favorite figures from Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Universe Classics, Mythic Legions and many more great lines over the years. G-Con is named after the Four Horsemen’s close friend George Gaspar of Double-G Toys, a toy sculptor that worked with the Four Horsemen since their days at McFarlane Toys.

G-Con follows closely to last year, with giveaways, hourly interviews and new Mythic Legions figure reveals. A new wave of Mythic Legions will be going up at the Store Horsemen starting at 4pm EST, with single figures, an all-in option that will cost slightly less, horses and possibly other surprises we don’t know about yet.

While we’re here, we have been taking pictures of the showroom (of what we’re allowed to photograph) along with the new Mythic Legions figure reveals going on today.

Figure reveals so far (list now complete):

  • The Red Shield soldier
  • Hadrian’s
  • Balius
  • Arethyr
  • Light skin human and Orc colored monster hands/feet sets
  • Helphyre Goblin – interchangeable tongues, helmet for Bog Goblin
  • Belphegorr
  • Vorthogg
  • Malepharr
  • Magnus

Watch the full Facebook stream below or by clicking HERE: