Plunderlings Toyline Coming To Kickstarter August 25th

A new toyline called Plunderlings has been making its rounds around the internet over the past several weeks and fans can expect the Kickstarter to launch on August 25th.

The line-up revealed so far:

  • Raider Fwush
  • Raider Gank
  • Beserker Spur
  • Beserker Gobbler
  • Nomad Tuff
  • Nomad Goyle

Each figure includes accessories as shown and are fully articulated.

Below is a description of the figures that they sent us and some information about the team that is bringing these characters to plastic form.

Our creative team is based in the Dominican Republic, and we always wanted to see more fantasy universes taking place in Caribbean/Tropical environments.  So we have been developing a story about greedy pirate goblins called Plunderlings that travel from island to island getting themselves in trouble, but instead of Dragons, we have enormous Parrots and Iguanas. As avid toy collectors we also always a better goblin, scaled correctly with full articulation, so the plunderling is a result of those two ideas.