Dark Horse Exclusive – 1000 Toys Hellboy 1/12th Figure Review


Dark Horse Comics and 1000 Toys have partnered to offer an exclusive version of the Hellboy 1/12th figure that is currently available. Hellboy stands at 7.5″ tall and is based on his long running appearance in the comic series. He includes a removable fabric jacket, interchangeable hands, swap out horns, two portraits, a gun, and a utility belt. This exclusive version includes a Beast of the Apocalypse Horns for separate head and a separate Excalibur Sword to fight back the forces of Evil. The exclusive version is limited to 2800 pieces and was limited to the number of pre-orders taken during the initial pre-order last year.

Thank you to Dark Horse for providing the Hellboy 1/12th figure by 1000 Toys for review. 

Availability: May 2019

Hellboy is packaged in a brown mailer, and a window box with a slip cover over it. The artwork on the slipcover is inspired by his comic appearance, which is also what this figure is based on. The back of the slip cover has a picture of the figure inside. The window box has the figure protected by plastic, as well as a logo on the back has credits to all the talented people responsible for bringing this figure to plastic form.


Hellboy stands at 7″ tall and features high-end details as adult collectors would expect in this age of toys. The figure has a soft-goods trench-coat that is beige and dark brown around the collar. The coat also has wires around the bottom to make it look like wind is pushing it up. The upper torso of the figure  is a solid silicone-like layered on top that bends with all movement. The same amount of detail us applied to the chest as the arms, legs and head, including scratches as well as the red skin tone with a black wash. The belt is nicely accessorized and has sculpted pouches, a cross, and the holster for the gun has to be manually applied, which is plugged right in on front. The tail is also bendy and also has the great red skin and wash deco as the rest of the figure.


The Right Hand of Doom has individually articulated fingers, articulated wrist, and double jointed elbow. The fingers can also be moved apart, and come together to form a fist. The left hand has four interchangeable hands included closed fisted, two open hands and one to hold the gun and sword.


The head sculpts are nicely done and each one has a different facial expression as seen in the comics. The horns for the head on the right come unattached and assembly is required. Both heads look great and define the character.


Hellboy also includes a gun, and an exclusive sword that was only included with the Dark Horse Direct edition. That sword is painted in metallic gold and is given a wash to make it look rustic. This makes it look older and possibly a little battle damaged.

Overall, the figure has a number of great display options, interchangeable heads, hands, and weapons that are all comic-accurate and work well with the figure. Hellboy fans definitely need to own this figure and this is one of the most detailed-oriented figures offered to-date. The scale with well with other 6″-7″ toylines out there and works best with comic book figures.


Dark Horse Direct – Sold Out

BigBadToyStore – Regular version