Power-Con 2019: Super7 – Super Awesome Panel Coverage & Booth Coverage

Super7’s Brian Flynn and Josh Herbolheimer are attending Power-Con and hosting their annual panel at Power-Con 2019. Shown at their booth are new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  ThunderCats and Conan. Both TMNT and Conan were previewed and shown at NYTF. These will be offered the same way as Thundercats with the pre-order, and will likely cost $45 each.

Turtles – Raphael, Baxter Stockman, a Foot Soldier and Splinter.

ThunderCats – Lion-O, Panthro, Mumm-Ra, and Jackalman

Conan The Barbarian – Conan, Rexor, Guard

ThunderCats figure can be pre-ordered now on Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore and Megalopolis: City of Collectibles.


Super Awesome Panel Coverage –

Snake Mountain was 100% Funded. See in progress images below.

Voltron, Toxic Crusader, Ren & Stimpy. The extra parts that came with these figures gave Super7 the idea to give other figures more parts and accessories. They call it Ultimate level.

Conan the Barbarian – Conan and more figures. These are coming after TMNT

ThunderCats Schedule – Wave 2 – January 2020, April 2020 wave 3, July 2020 wave 4, October 2020 wave 5. An additional 16 figures are planned beyond the 16 planned figures.

Turtles Schedule – Wave 1 October 2020, March 2020 wave 2, June 2020 wave 3, Sept. 2020 wave 4, Dec. 2020 wave 5.

MOTU Dungeon rug is coming back for a second round.


MOTU Trap Door rug possible.

TMNT figures will be sold separately, as seen with ThunderCats.

Super7 cannot make Classics, and new figures such as ReAction as long as Mattel are offering their Origins line. No clue as when and how long this will last. Hopefully fans will see these lines return.

No plans for ThunderCats playsets (yet). It sounds as though they need to finish Snake Mountain before talking about more items.

ThunderCats packaging will be shown next month.

ThunderCats Classics figures will be released before Super7 offers ReAction and other lines.

G.I. Joe – Hasbro isn’t sure what they’re doing with the brand right now. Super7 doesn’t know if they will be able to offer figures at this time. Super7 has pitched something to Hasbro for G.I. Joe but has no new information. This could be Ultimate style G.I. Joe figures? That’s a guess and not confirmed.

Pricing could change, such as $35 to $45 for Ultimate/Classic figures. This is because of more accessories being offered. The tariff increases may see a price increase.

Silverhawks is a brand that Super7 is asked about the most. MOTU is more popular in Mexico than in the US. If Silverhawks figures are going to be made, it will likely happen after ThunderCats.

ThunderCats Lunatanks figures are coming!

ThunderCats – everything is considered, vintage toyline, cartoon, etc.

Panel ends.