Power-Con 2019 – Mattel Masters Of The Universe Panel Coverage & Booth Update

Mattel is hosting their annual panel at this years Power-Con, and have some new Masters of the Universe reveals for you. Already confirmed earlier today is Battle Cat, which is coming in 2020.

Masters of the Universe: Origins – Fall 2020 – $14.99 each

New mini-comics will be offered with the figures, with new story arcs.

MOTU Minis are back – new sculpted figures, chase figures.

MOTU Origins Battle Cat – fully articulated, neck, legs, tail

MOTU Origins Sky Sled with Prince Adam figure – Fall 2020 $29.99. Prince Adam is a reissue from the SDCC box set. has translucent flight stand.

MOTU Origins wave 3 – Scareglow, Orko, Man-E-Faces, Trap Jaw


Mega Construx MOTU figures will be easier to find and offered as a mass retail release. We already reported that wave 5 is available to pre-order on

The Fall 2020 MOTU Origins figures, most likely the Sky Sled will be offered at the same time. There will be case refreshing to offer the same figures seen in earlier waves to later waves just like how the 80’s line was offered.

New Masters of the Universe movie is in production. The MOTU Origins line is meant to be separate and Mattel will not talk about movie product at this time (apologies for the confusion on earlier reporting).

Castle Grayskull – The MOTU line is spread out and perhaps long term this will happen.

She-Ra Origins – Mattel will consider long term.

MOTU Classics – on hiatus is the official statement from Mattel. The focus is Origins and the Fall 2020 launch. All MOTU toys are made by Mattel right now.

All 80’s vintage figures – very possible this will happen as long as people are buying. This would include Horde members, Snake Men, She-Ra etc.

MOTU Origins – interchangeable hands are possible on higher price point items

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