Playmates Toys Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bug Bustin’ Raph & Leo Figures Review


Playmates Toys is offering some new 5″ Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, which includes Bug Bustin’ Raph, Bug Bustin’ Leo, Jet Pack Donatello and Spider Shell Donatello (the Donnie figures are chase figures). These figures and more were shown at New York ToyFair, which had included both 2019 and 2020 offerings. Bug Bustin’ Raph, Bug Bustin’ Leo are equipped with Donnie’s latest tech to battle the OoozeSquitors before they mutant all of New York City. Ralph is armed with a battery powered racquet-swatter, and Leo is armed with a large bug sprayer that sprays a poison cloud.

Thank you to Playmates Toys for providing their Bug Bustin’ Raph, Bug Bustin’ Leo figures for review. 

Availability: September 2019

The figures are packaged in blister cards with artwork from the series on the front and back, with character bios and images of additional figures that are currently available (Bullhop is an upcoming figure).


Bug Bustin’ Raph and Leo are almost all-new figure sculpts with previously offered head sculpts, and are sculpted in new armor to protect the city from the OoozeSquitors.

Raphael keeps his bulky appearance and most of the body is covered in armor. The backpack and straps over the shoulders are removable, and the racquet-swatter is connected with a wire at the bottom, and can also be stored on the lower right side. The armor is sculpted on, including the forearms, chest, upper legs and feet. The shoulder pads are hinged and include sticker with a red line over a bug on both sides. The chest includes the white bandages on the upper right hand side overlapping each other like an X, and the green Turtle shell on the lower left hand side. The racquet-swatter is painted in brown, with the handle and wire the same red as the chest and backpack. Raphael includes a helmet that is translucent green with a sculpted red stripe on the sides and back.


Leonardo is almost entirely covered in armor that is painted in dark and light blue, and the large bug sprayer is removable, with the green sprayers connected to the bottom and can also be stored on the sides of the pack. The armor is sculpted on, including the chest, forearms, upper legs and boots. The chest has the green turtle shell on the lower left side, and the shoulder pads are hinged with the stickers that have the bug with a red line through it. The sprayers can be held in both of his hands, and his helmet is made of translucent pink with blue deco in the back. Leonardo also includes two Nano Clix figures that are stackable.

Overall, Bug Bustin’ Raph and Leo are fun figures and pay great likenesses to the series. These figures have enough new parts that makes them stand out in the growing collection. Look for these in stores now or at the stores listed below.


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