DC Collectibles Batman Black & White Mini Figure Box Set #3 Review

DC Collectibles Batman Black & White Mini Figure Box Set #3 Review


DC Collectibles continues their Mini Figure Batman and White Box Set that are based on their long running statue series. These miniature 3.75″ tall PVC figures capture the authentic likeness of some of the most popular statues of the series. Each set will come with six previously available mini figures plus one exclusive, never-before-released edition only available in this set. This wave includes Jim Lee Batman, Dustin Nguyen Batman, Mike Mignola Batman, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway Batman, Batman: Arkham – Asylum Batman, Jim Lee Joker, and an exclusive Andy Kubert Batman.

Thank you to DC Collectibles for providing their Batman Black & White Mini Figure Box Set #3 for review. 

Availability: September 2019

The Batman Black & White Mini Figure Box Set #3 is packaged in a window box that is rectangular, with artwork on the front, sides and back. Also on the back are images of waves 3 and 4 of this PVC figure collection.

Over the course of Batman’s history in DC Comics, many different comic book creators had their unique take and style that was introduced to this iconic character, which just turned 80 years old this year. The DC Collectibles – DC Designer Series introduced a statue line offering many different variations of Batman by some of the industry’s top talented artists as mentioned above. This PVC Mini Figure collection offers a scaled down offering of this series, along with exclusive figures not offered as full statues before, and the line offers additional characters such as The Joker, which is also offered in this set.


The entire collection is offered in black and white, and showcases many of the unique appearances of Batman over the years. This wave offers various editions, including all of the unique costumes, such as the capes, utility belt, logo’s and even the sculpts. Some of these designs look more formidable than others, considering that Batman is the protector of Gotham City, it’s interesting to see how different artists take that concept in their design as he shown as big and bulky, average build, to a bit scrawny.


At least in this set, no two designs are the same, but they all share the same elements such as the cowl, long black cape, utility belt, and overall appearance of the costume. The differences in the logo itself has the artists given their take on how it should look like, such as a bold finish on the bulkiest of the designs, to a smaller design to the more standard of costumes. For the most part, all of the designs have the cape going over the shoulders, and most of the capes are sculpted in a wavy look with some of it being torn on the bottom. The Batman: Arkham statue has the long bat ears on top of the cowl, and he is holding a batarang in his left hand, and this is the only one in the set to hold an accessory.


The Joker is nicely done, but is also a bit on the fragile side. and the details on the tuxedo, including the black tie and flower all look great. The head sculpt is nicely done and we love the iconic smile and the facial details. The Joker also has black dress shoes pointing up at the tips, and in his right hand he is holding a pistol that is silver with a black handle.

Overall, the Batman Black & White Mini Figure Box Set offers a great selection of Batman variations, as well as a Jim Lee Joker that fans should definitely enjoy. This collection goes great with any statue or figure collection, or can go by itself if you prefer. Look for this wave, along with other offerings in stores now, or purchase at one of the links below:


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