Super7 – SDCC 2019 Exclusive TMNT ReAction Pizza Box Pre-Orders

Super7’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusive is offered once again for any of you that may have missed out on it the first time around, and our sponsor BigBadToyStore have opened pre-orders for the gorgeous box set for $89.99, and includes Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello all packaged on a cardboard pizza, and carefully placed inside a pizza box. Each TMNT ReAction figure stands 3.75 inches tall and features five points of articulation. These same figures will be offered individually, including Bebop and Rocksteady, and pre-orders for those are offered right HERE!

Pre-Orders are available now by clicking HERE!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ReAction Figures Pizza Power Four-Pack & Pizza Box

Cowabunga! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ReAction Figures are here! Fresh from the oven for their debut at San Diego Comic-Con, the steaming-hot halfshell heroes are stealthily stashed with their favorite food – Pizza! The fabulous four TMNT ReAction Figures are reimagined as authentically detailed 3 ¾” action figures, blister-packaged with accessories on pizza-slice shaped cardbacks featuring some of the Turtles’ favorite pizza toppings, inside a genuine pizza delivery box. Each four-pack set includes:

  • Leonardo with Katanas and Pizza Slice accessory
  • Raphael with Sai and Pizza Slice Accessory
  • Donatello with Bo Staff and Pizza Slice Accessory
  • Michaelangelo with Nunchucks and Pizza Slice Accessory
  • Pizza Delivery Box with cut-out Ninja Costume and accessories