Valaverse – Action Force Kickstarter Campaign Launches


Action Force is back, and Bobby Vala, known for his work at Hasbro on G.I. Joe, Star Wars and Marvel has launched his second Kickstarter campaign this morning. Today, fans can back this campaign once again on Kickstarter, and the figures start at $30 or less each depending on your pledge level. Bobby is seeking to raise $99,000 and at the time this is being published, he is just under $15,000. Please back this as we want to see Bobby Vala and this line do well. You can back this now by clicking HERE!

Action Force is back!  Valaverse has revamped the Action Force 1:12 (6″) military figure line and is back with an all new Kickstarter campaign going on live right now.  Updated figures, lower prices and deeper troop building options make this a line you don’t want to miss.  The initial fund goal brings back Steel Brigade, Condor and the Bone Collector with updated looks as well as two gear pack add-ons.   Scattered throughout the stretch goals are several basic troop builders as well as different accessory gear packs to fulfill a customizers fantasy.  All of your favorites like Kerak, Eclipse and the SWARM trooper are available as well.

On top of the new figures, Valaverse has come up with a new story and expanded mythos.  Web comics based on the Action Force characters will debut through the Kickstarter campaign.  Head over to to get your Action Force history lesson.  While you are there you can check out the online store for some awesome swag.

What are you waiting for?  Get on over the Kickstarter and find the pledge that’s right for you.  These awesome figures are done for the fans by a fan so help make Action Force become a plastic reality!