Jazwares – Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series DJ Yonder Figure Review

Jazwares – Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series DJ Yonder Figure Review


Jazwares is offering a second wave of their Fortnite Legendary Series 6” figures that is currently available on store shelves and online to select retailers. This wave includes TomatoheadLeviathan, Abstrakt (Amazon Exclusive), Jonesy, DJ Yonder, Crackshot (Wal-Mart exclusive), and the back of the package also shows Valkyrie, but it doesn’t look like she’s released just yet. All other figures mentioned are available now for $19.99 each.

Thank you to Jazwares for sending along their Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series Wave 2 DJ Yonder figure for review. 

Availability: September 2019

Each figure is packaged on a window box with a blister card in the back. The window is seen on the front and sides and shows Havoc, his accessories, and around it is artwork including logos, character design from the game, and the back showcases the character with all of series 2 below him.


DJ Yonder is sculpted and painted with a metallic silver and gold helmet that resembles the head of a robotic llama, a green jacket with a dark green hoodie, dark grey pants, and a variety of bright colors and applications that make the outfit look like a disco ball. The jacket has some metallic gold and dark green deco that brings out the lines in the sculpt going down the sleeves, around the shoulders, and the outside of the gloves. Underneath the jacket is a bright pink shirt on the stomach, and above that looks to be green as you can’t see above the stomach, they left the upper chest green under the jacket. The decals on this skin from the game are bright pink, yellow, blue, and neon green, with given square and rectangular shapes. as well as stripes on the jacket. His sneakers also look great and are given pink and white deco, with blu, dark purple and white stripes.


Included with DJ Yonder is the “Smash Up” harvesting tool, the “Wave Form” back bling, two pistols, an assault rifle, a Rift-To-Go orb, and a turntable. The turntable clips around his waist, but also under the jacket so that the clip is well hidden. The Rift-To-Go accessory may also be unfamiliar to anyone not familiar with the game, which can be thrown in order to warp your character back up into the sky allowing them to glide towards a new location.

The articulation includes a ball jointed head, hinged mouth, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, hinged fingers, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, swivel hinged and rocker ankles, and hinged toes.

Overall, DJ Yonder features a great figure sculpt and pays a great likeness to the game. The 6″ Fortnite line continues to offer such great characters with their own unique design and style. Make sure to pick up the second wave of figures that is currently available.






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