Mega Construx Masters Of The Universe Castle Grayskull Playset Review


Mattel has expanded their Masters of the Universe Construction Sets by Mega Construx this year with Castle Grayskull making its debut to mass retail for the first time in decades. Castle Grayskull includes 3,508 pieces according to the information on the box, and comes in four separate boxes, with over 50 plastic bags organized step-by-step just like what you see with LEGO. Mega Construx has come a long way in a short amount of time as the last set we build of this size was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Technodrome. That set had pieces in unnumbered bags and it often took a long time to find the piece(s) you needed, and sometimes pieces were missing and you had to request a replacement. Castle Grayskull however is far more organized in the steps you take to build it, and each plastic bag are numbered, and it seems that they have now perfected designing and organizing the larger sets.

Masters of the Universe will only gain in popularity as it’s coming back in a big way next year, with an all-new animated series, feature film, comics, and a toy line that is given a modern update and pays homage to the popular 80’s line. A lot of really great things are coming and we couldn’t be more excited. Masters of the Universe has needed this type of return for decades now and it looks as though its going to be just as big, or even bigger than it was back in the 80’s.


Thank you to Mattel for providing their Mega Construx – Masters Of The Universe Castle Grayskull Playset for review. 

Availability: July 2019


Castle Grayskull is magnificent, and includes a lot of playability and features. The front of the castle includes the iconic face that has ball jointed teeth, blackened eyes, and other details to capture its likeness. The jaw bridge opens up by inserting He-Man Power Sword into the slot next to it, and the door drops down. The back includes a secret entrance with a wall that can be pushed in or out that is blocking the doorway on the bottom, and on the right side is another secret entrance that swivels open.



The Castle is also fully detailed on the inside, and features an elevator with two gold skulls on the top, a throne that slides over that activates the trap door and a figure can fall down into the cell below.


The Sorceress has a hidden orb inside the top floor, along with a flag, and a  rotating cannon.


It also includes a ladder, spinning hammer, two weapons racks, additional hidden compartments, banners and decorations.


There are also some exclusive figures offered with the set, including The Sorceress, The Green Goddess, Beast Man (Red – Mini-Comics), and re-issues with new deco of He-Man, Skeletor and Man-At-Arms.

Overall, Castle Grayskull is amazing, and features one of the best designs for this play set ever released. The amount of detail, especially the hidden compartments, secret entrances, and accessories are extremely impressive, and every Masters of the Universe fan should own this. The included mini-figures are also a nice addition to the set, so make sure to grab this and get ready for next years comeback, as more toys are coming that will surely be just as great as this is.


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