Jazwares – Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series Crackshot Figure Review

Jazwares – Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series Crackshot Figure Review


Jazwares is offering a second wave of their Fortnite Legendary Series 6” figures that is currently available on store shelves and online to select retailers. This wave includes TomatoheadLeviathan, Abstrakt (Amazon Exclusive), Jonesy, DJ Yonder, Crackshot (Wal-Mart exclusive), and the back of the package also shows Valkyrie. All figures mentioned are available now for $19.99 each.

Thank you to Jazwares for sending along their Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series Wave 2 Crankshot for review. 

Availability: October 2019 – Wal-Mart Exclusive

Each figure is packaged on a window box with a blister card in the back. The window is seen on the front and sides and shows Havoc, his accessories, and around it is artwork including logos, character design from the game, and the back showcases the character with all of series 2 below him.


In the game, Crackshot is a holiday outfit cosmetic item in Battle Royale, and also can be upgraded with a black jacket and eye patch. Crackshot is given the same legs and waist seen with Jonesy, Tomatoehead and other characters, and includes a new looked head sculpt, torso, arms, and most of the accessories are also new.


His head sculpt features the ability to swap out three different face plates, each with a slightly different expression that is most noticeable with the different positions in the eye brows, a black and gold soldier hat, grey hair and nicely done facial details that gives him the appearance of a Nutcracker, which is also the appearance and inspiration given to the character.


The sculpt has some nicely done details and solid paint applications, which includes a red jacket, light grey pants, gold and black that also brings out the details such as the bracelets on his arms, shoulder Pisa, belt buckle, harness, belt, and shin guards on his knees.

By now, you should be familiar with the legs as we’ve previously covered the details in this, such as the patch on his left thigh, straps on his right leg, and all the great sculpting on his shin guards and boots. The new parts really work well with the legs and even though a nutcracker would normally have a soldiers uniform with tighter pants and longer boots, the design and deco works well for him.


Crackshot comes with a Candy Axe harvesting tool, Birdshot back bling (backpack), a Balloon, Dynamite and a Hunting Rifle. Both the Hunting Rifle and dynamite have previously been used before, but also work well for this character.

The articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, hinged fingers, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, swivel calves, hinged and rocker ankles, and hinged toes.

Overall, Crackshot is an excellent figure and a great character to release over the holiday. He is listed as in-stock now at Wal-Mart online now as the stores become harder to find exclusives. Jazwares continues to offer such great Fortnite characters and the quality of the figures are superb.


Wal-Mart – Exclusive to store

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