Jazwares – Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series Valkyrie Figure Review


Jazwares continues their Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series figures with new offerings that include Valkyrie, Raven, Molten Battle Hound and Peely that are available now just in time for the holidays. These figures join this popular line of video game inspired figures, such as Tomatohead, Leviathan, Abstrakt (Amazon Exclusive), Jonesy, DJ Yonder, Crackshot (Wal-Mart exclusive), The Visitor, Rabbit Raider, Wildcard, Skull Trooper (Purple Glow), Enforcer, and Havoc.

Thank you to Jazwares for sending along their Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series Wave 2 Valkyrie figure for review. 

Availability: December 2019

Each figure is packaged on a window box with a blister card in the back. The window is seen on the front and sides and shows Havoc, his accessories, and around it is artwork including logos, character design from the game, and the back showcases the character with all of series 2 below him.


Valkyrie is the first female character introduced in the 6″ scale line, and they’ve certainly started this off with a great choice. Her sculpt is more detailed compared to the male figures offered so far, such as the clothing and armor. She is painted in a dark brown, black and blue clothing with silver armor on her chest, guantletsand knees. Her torso and most of her arms are in the brown clothing, with her hips wrapped around with a lion cloth piece that is made of soft plastic, that includes a brown bely with accessories attached such as a dagger, white skull, and a gold painted piece. The lion cloth has a sculpted pattern to it to look like fur, and underneath it are pants painted in purple. There is a lot of detail on this figure, such as the chest piece that has sculpted patterns, a gold deco below her neck as part of the design. Her gauntlets include spikes, with brown and silver deco on the straps, and she has light blue gloves with her fingers showing through. Her boots include a blue wash over the brown deco, which is shown through, and goes up below the knees where the armor is placed. Her shoulders also have pads over them that are made of soft plastic, and have the same furry detail as the lions cloth.


Just like other figures in this line, she comes with three interchangeable face plates, which is easy to pop on and off. The head sculpt looks great, with a blue wash over the light blue, silver crown piece on her forehead, and nicely done painted facial details.

Valkyrie includes the  Forebearer harvesting tool, Valkyrie Wings back bling, a Cake Slice, a Legendary Burst Assault Rifle and Pistol weapons. The wings plus into the back and include translucent blue plastic, with white washed over the blue on the back. Each of the accessories are also nicely done, with painted washes and details. 


The articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, hinged fingers, ball jointed torso, ball jointed torso, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, hinged and rocker ankles, and hinged toes.

Overall, Valkyrie is an excellent figure and a great character to release over the holiday. She kicks off the the female offerings in the line in a strong way, and she definitely is given the sculpt she serves. Jazwares continues to offer such great Fortnite characters and the quality of the figures are superb. Look for her in stores shortly,