Mattel – Jurassic World Primal Attack Dinosaur Figures Review

Mattel – Jurassic World Primal Attack Dinosaur Figures Review


Mattel is offering a new line of their Jurassic World figures under the new Primal Attack name that are being launched this year. These figures are the next stage of what Mattel’s Jurassic World line is about, and offers you new dinosaur figures, some with roaring sound effects as seen in the movie, and others without. These figures appear to be based on the events following Jurassic World: Falling Kingdom, as in a letter Mattel sent out states that the dinosaurs have to adapt in the modern world, which suggests the final scene from Falling Kingdom. Jurassic World 3: Extinction is slated for a 2021 release and will bring back original cast members Laura Dern, Sam Neil, Jeff Goldblum, and DB Wong. You will also see Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and others star.

Thank you to Mattel for providing this assortment of their Jurassic World Primal Attack Dinosaur Figures for review. 

Availability: 2020

The figures are packaged with artwork inspired by the Jurassic World film trilogy, and on the back are images of the figures, along with other figures available in the assortment.


Each of the figures are given the same great sculpts that fans have seen from this line in the past two years, but this time around figures such as the Carnotaurus and Pteranodon have sound effects that make it sound like they’re roaring as seen in the film. The Carnotaurus has a chopping feature that is activated by pressing the button on the top of his tail, and when you turn the tail, his head and neck also move in that same direction, which includes up, down, left or right. His hips can swivel, allowing you to move his body up or down, and his arms are ball hinged. The bottom of his feet, along with every other figure has the Jurassic World logo.

The Pteranodon is in flight mode, and the wings swivel up and down, and he makes the roaring sounds when you press the button on his back. His jaw also opens manually, allowing you to put something in his mouth.


Sarcosuchus is one of the more detailed figures in this assortment, with sculpted textures and scales in the sculpt that makes him stand out among the rest. While no sound effects are given, he does have the rotating gimmick that Carnotaurus has, with his head, neck and tail can swivel and move at the same time. He also has a button on the top of his tail that activates his jaw to snap down or open. His legs are ball hinged, with his two back legs not given the full range of motion that the front legs have.


Hirrerasaurus and Ornitholestes are two of the small dinosaurs in the basic assortment. The dinosaurs sculpt have slightly less textures than the larger counterparts, but are still fully sculpted and given a rough skin texture just like the skin of a real dinosaur would have. The articulation is also pretty decent on these, with hinged necks, hinged jaws, hinged arms, swivel hips, and swivel tails. The figures have the ability to look all the way up, or down due to the range of motion in their necks.



Saurpelta and Velociraptor Blue are also basic sized figures that are also given action gimmicks. Blue’s legs can spring all the way forward when you press the body down, and can jump back up as if he’s leaping. Saurpelta’s body is spring loaded and moves from side to side, which is activated by moving the tail in the direction that you want his head to go.

Blue’s articulation includes a hinged neck, hinged jaw, and swivel-hinged arms. Saurpelta’s articulation includes ball jointed head and neck with limited range of motion, ball hinged front legs, and ball jointed back legs with limited range of motion. The mini T-Rex is from the Snap Squad line, which the jaw can snap shut by pulling on the back of his head, and releasing it.


Overall, the Jurassic World Primal Attack figures are amazingly detailed with fun features such as sound effects, jaw snapping and fully detailed figures. If you’ve been collecting these, or are looking to join in, make sure to check these out in stores in 2020.




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