Four Horsemen Studios – Mythic Legions All-Stars 3 Figures


The Four Horsemen are now accepting pre-orders of their All-Stars Series 3 figures, along with two new characters that includes Dorina Onoris, inspired by She-Ra, and Lord Draguul, inspired by the Filmation appearance of Hordak. These are the new homage figures for 2020, and each of the single carded figures are priced at $35 each, with the Troop at $110. Order yours now at the Store Horsemen!

Mythic Legions: ALL-STARS 3 Pre-Order

This 7 figure wave features 4 fan-voted figures alongside 2 brand new characters. Rounding out this wave is a new version of our popular Stone Troll figure. All figures will be available individually and there will also be an “All In” set with a bit of a discount for fans who want to add this entire wave to their collection. Additionally, fans can expect some surprises concerning a few of the characters when the pre-order sale launches later today!

The Mythic Legions: All-Stars 3 sale will run until Monday, March 2nd.

This set includes Baron Volligar, Dorina Onoris, Lord Draguul, Malleus, Torrion, Zazhar, and the Stone Troll 2. These 6-inch scaled, highly articulated “Mythic Legions: All-Stars 3” action figure will come in a collector-friendly blister-card with character-specific packaging details and accessories. Final paints and certain details may vary slightly on the final product from the prototype image shown. All final accessories included may not be shown in the attached image.