McFarlane Toys – Fortnite A.I.M, Havoc, Hybrid & The Prisoner Figures Review

McFarlane Toys – Fortnite A.I.M, Havoc, Hybrid & The Prisoner Figures Review


Since last year, McFarlane Toys has been offering a line of Fortnite figures in the 7″ figure scale that are inspired by the video game. These are available now for $24.99 each and are high quality figures for the adult collector. These figures are of a different scale compared to the Jazwares figures, and stand an inch taller, whereas the Jazwares figures are 6″ scale and fit in with better lines like Marvel Legends.

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Availability: 2019

These figures are packaged in a window box, with nicely done artwork and images of the figures on the sides and back.

The McFarlane Toys Fortnite figures have more detail and a higher grade compared to the Jazwares Fortnite figures, which as you know are 6″ scaled, while the McFarlane Toys figures are 7″ scaled. Both lines are meant to be separate, but can be collected together if you choose, and depending on the person, it could go on a character basis. The McFarlane figures are also much more fragile especially on the wrists and ankles as these are ball hinged and might be prone to snapping off if excessive force is applied to moving them or attempting to place an accessories in their hand. This is why you should use a hair dryer or hot water to loosen up the plastic in the hand before attempting this.


This is our first review of the McFarlane Fortnite figures as we never had the change to look at these in-hand. The first impression is these are nice looking figures and to adult collectors, quality is key these days especially at the $24.99 price point. The figures have nicely done attention to detail including Havoc and Hybrid as shown above, and are sculpted in their unique outfits and likenesses as seen in the game. Havoc has a nice homage to Firefly of G.I. Joe (at least that’s what we’re calling it), and Hybrid is a reptilian with sculpted scales on his skin and some armor on his left shoulder and forearm. The camouflage deco on Havoc is nicely done with dark and light grey, and he has a harness around his waist that includes grenades painted in red. Hybrid also has a harness with red, black and silver deco.

Havoc includes a pickaxe harvesting tool, precision back bling, rifle and a figure base. Hybrid includes a white fang back bling, flint knock pistol, and the dragon’s claw harvesting tool.


A.I.M. is supposed to be based off the Aimbot hacks that can get you banned from the game, and has a robotic sculpt to his design and is also one of a handful robotic characters. The figure mostly has a metal appearance with a wash over the grey, and he has red shorts with the #30 on the left side, accessory straps around his thighs, black and grey stripes on his forearms and various red deco on his body. The figure includes a X. E. Harvesting tool, E. L. I. M back bling, and a pistol.

The Prisoner has one of the most impressive sculpts in this line and was once a prisoner of the Ice King, and held frozen in ice. The sculpt has some icicles on his shoulders and the top of his helmet that have not yet melted, and he has chains attached to his forearms from the shackles that held him in place. His chest has orange lines to indicate the campfire he made to heat himself up, and the skin tone is cast in black with some detailed lines sculpted in. His limbs still have the shackles around his arms, hips, legs and neck, and he has a removable head piece with a key slot in the front. He has brown and green clothing around his hips and covering his legs, which have a sculpted texture and nicely done attention to detail. Included is a padlock back bling, six shooter pistol, and the forebearer harvesting tool.

Overall, McFarlane Toys have done an excellent job on these Fortnite figures and these are definitely worth checking out. Keep in mind that these are more fragile and are best kept for display and less for play. The quality is superb and these have great accessories.


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