NYTF 2020 – Bandai America Booth Coverage – Dragon Ball Stars & ThunderCats Update

Bandai America had a nice display of their Dragon Star line-up of figures at this years New York ToyFair. This includes a new arena playset that will come with 3 figures, which will each be priced at $29.99. The arena will be big enough to display several figures and each in a fighting pose. The arena may have damage of the floor to indicate battle damage from the intensity of the fight.

Bandai can make any character they want, such as from the animation, YouTube series, movies, etc. They do consider any of these characters and pay attention to what the fans are asking for. So if you want the Ginyu Force, for example, and we know that you do, tag Bandai on their social media accounts and let them know. The more times people do this on a particular character(s), they more they will consider making them.

ThunderCats – In our pre-New York ToyFair article, we promised you to ask about the 2011 ThunderCats line that Bandai put out. Well, we have an update for you today. We expressed the fan interest in this line and the PR representative we spoke too will take it to the marketing team for an open discussion. We gave her some of the unproduced characters in the 6″ and 4″ scale lines that never saw release, and she will follow through with the team. We will try to drop by tomorrow and see what the story is. The only thing the fans can do right now is tag Bandai on social media and let them know this! Tell them you want these figures made!

Bandai Dragon Ball Stars figures are available on Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStoreMegalopolis: City Of Collectibles and Amazon.com.