NYTF 2020 – Zing – StikBot MegaBot Figures Official Press Release


Following New York ToyFair, one of the additional companies we had visited called Zing, sent along some details of their upcoming Stikbot Megabot figures, which can stick to almost any sufface using suction cups.

You can order these now on Amazon.

Stikbot Megabot

The next evolution in Stikbot stop-motion animation play is hitting toy aisles in 2020; introducing Stikbot Megabot. These three hyper-stylized vehicles are designed to amp up your Stikbot videos. This new line includes Knockout, Avalanche, and Turbo Cycle.

Celebrating its 5th year, Stikbots are easy-to-pose figures, built with suction cup hands and feet, which can stick to almost any flat surface. With the free Stikbot Studio app, available on iOS and Android, kids can easily create stop-motion movies, complete with built-in music and sound effect options. Users can then share their creations using #Stikbot and see what others are making all over the world! Over the past five years, Stikbot Central has reached nearly 1 million subscribers, generating over 440 million views on YouTube.